[29/Sep] O: OC/Art/Giftcard | Dainty, weapons, etc

Posted 6 months, 22 days ago (Edited 18 days, 16 hours ago) by Sanmedare

dA journal here

Old thread, reusing : " )
I'm actively looking for characters I can use more story-wise or to turn into mains!
But alternatively I will also look at art of my newer characters
or resell/voucher/3-ways to get more art or new characters from others

Dainty trade/swap
It's really hard for me to connect to dainties for some reason.. even tho I like them a lot!
But for the sake of actively seeking characters I can use in my stories, I'll tentatively consider trading her!
Please note even tho I have no user for her atm, doesn't mean I won't keep her if I don't find any offers I like!

No longer swap only. Will look at non-dainty from my wishlist only (excluding ones with *'s)
Maybe other HQ characters (there are many creators out there I just don't know yet)
Art as add-on only. Lowkey also want a dainty slot cause i habe ideas but not alone;;;?

Update :
ATM I'm highly interested in getting a weapon custom/pre-made!!
The weapon is for https://toyhou.se/4355404.01-evermillion- and she's a sword and gun user!
Highly inspired by Instructor Sara.

To be exact, Idk what I want other than sword and gun weapon?? Like style and colours and stuff like that.
You can show me like wips or ideas or anything of the sort if needed!

The characters I can offer are :

Alternatively I can offer :
- My art (Picky on FBs, only ones I really want.)
- Giftcard - Steam, Amazon, LoL, etc (Only ones found here) very picky
(They have a lot of options, just search on the bar or go to CARD or GAME tab for more. You can ask me if you're not sure)
- Character trades from Inactive and UFT/S folder
(note that I'm veryyyy picky with inactives)
- You can look at my mains VERY TENT 98.9%
(only wishlist stuff or other HQ characters only ... do not leave tag/ask for resell)

Only looking for :
- Art (non-mains only)
- Character trades || Wishlist
- Voucher/Resell (non-mains only)
- 3-way trade (exp : 3-way dainty swap)

Feel free to PM or comment~
Please mention what you're looking for in exchange!!
Saves time for me and you instead of going "I have these"


I have some characters over here for resell, I'd just be looking for USD! https://toyhou.se/girlluver/characters/folder:312966


Anyone in here interest you?


hiya, ive got some fellows in this thread that im looking to sell! most of them are pretty cheap (cos the art is old) and come with some preexisting doodles! ^u^
if theres any youre interested in that you can't quite make out the details of (particularly the pixel ones) please let me know and i can do a neat outfit sketch for them!


Ahh hello hun! I do still love https://toyhou.se/3744269.-tairin-kurayami#12795263 and https://toyhou.se/2066417.-tbn#7264551! QwQ I'd love to offer anyone here https://toyhou.se/Hanabi-Momo/characters/folder:745384 and also art to add to it, from me! QwQ


Hanabi-Momo I'll consider the Flaurist for Sirius ; v ; Lemme see if I get other offers/Where I can put Sirius in!



I have a bunch if bbys here, maybe one will catch your eye. Prices are not set in stone.


Of course, thank you for considering! qwq


Hello! Would you be interested in anyone here


Hi~ I have characters here!! https://toyhou.se/~forums/13.adoption-center/91681.selling-trading-humanoids-for-art-writing-?page=0 I'm looking mostly to resell but I love your art so I'd be willing to accept an offer depending on who you like, if anyone!


Hi. Anyone here? Looking for USD.



Might have some in here you would like? https://toyhou.se/KiyasamatheInu/characters/folder:161639 I prefer cash, but I may posibly be intersted in a character trade