Switcharound I: start

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago (Edited 3 years, 4 months ago) by circlejourney

Thanks for joining this switcharound game! Sorry I couldn't respond to everyone individually, but I'm thankful for your interest. Now that (almost) everyone's here, here's a quick rundown of how we're doing this.

How to play

  1. In this thread, post a link to the OC folder/tag that you'd prefer the next person to pick from. I recommend including one if you have >3 pages of characters. If you don't have a preference, simply post a comment saying so. (It helps me ensure that everyone's seen this.)
  2. When you're ready to start (and have done step 1), find your name in the participant list (below). Pick an OC from the person above you, making sure to choose one from the links. Don't start if their entry still says "hasn't responded".
  3. Draw a half-body image of the chosen character, taking it to the line stage (credit: 123penguin64). This shouldn't include any background elements.
  4. Post the transparent lineart image on this thread, and ping the person below you so they know you're done with your part.
  5. Whenever the person above you is done, grab their lineart, and colour and shade it (credit: celestiials). There's no need to add a background, but you may do so if you like.
  6. Post the end result on this thread, and ping the character's owner!

In summary: You will draw an OC belonging to the person above, and pass your lines to the person below to colour. You will also colour+shade the lineart that the person above passes to you. Please do your part! There's no time limit on finishing your parts, but remember that the game breaks down if even one person decides not to show. If you'd like to make sure you don't miss any updates, feel free to subscribe to this thread. Have fun šŸ˜Ž

Participant order

This list was randomised in random.org. If you want a change for a valid reason, do tell me within the next day.


Haha first po

Prince Mac, Luna or Swiss Cheese are most preferred, but Anyone here is fine


I'm ready! (Posted too late oof)

For my characters, I don't have a preference, so anyone's fine. Ā ;^3


Any character from this tag is fine?


Hoi! Anyone here is fine!Ā 



I had to but Mairne is prefered; if not him anybody from this tag be good


Iā€™m all ready to go!!Ā 

Either Arturo, Valseis, Kazuki or Simimar~Ā 



ugly link cuz iā€™m mobilezoned



Heck yeah anyone from Here, Ā Here oooooor my champ W. E.


I'm excited! Would love someone from here: https://toyhou.se/Waltz/characters/folder:38932/tags:1/tagged:switcharound


Can't wait!
Anyone from this folder or this tag is awesome!!