Free semi-HQ humanoid

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Sappho

I have a character I am desperately looking to get off my hands, however I’m not sure who would take him. He has a lovely design, however he reminds me of a lot of bad memories that I would rather not have to continuously be brought back to remembrance whenever I see him. This isn’t FCFS - please post below if you’d like him along with a short character idea you had for him.


hes cute!

i'd probably make him a witch, who goes to a school of full humans. he struggles with, well, not fitting in! he seeks comfort in his familiar until he meets another witch :o


I like his design! I think i'd fit him into my Danganronpa OC class? He'd have sprites made and artwork too. He'd be one of the ultimates in my story! You can see the others here ( )


He's very cute! I'd probably make him a love interest for another male witch I have Arbor or someone else lol. He'd probably be an Earth/plants/flower witch who focuses on that sort of thing, probably works in a restaurant as a chef since that would be a good use for his potion making skills. 


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