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hey feel free to bump as much as you want!

I've noticed a thread like this doesn't seem to exist, but I might be wrong... please tell me if I am!

Hi there!

This thread is dedicated to all horror lovers, and it was made for the sole purpose to pass around characters that are horror related! 


No sending characters that go against nsfw/gore wishes of the user above! If the person above absolutely doesnt tolerate nsfw/gore content, then dont send them one! Going against this will result in a warning.

Customs are permitted, but theres a one month time limit

Any quality of art or characters are mostly allowed here, but please be generous about the quality of the character you send to others. 

no dollmakers! if any, the character much be accompanied by artwork.


If you have an issue, problem, question, or concern, please message me angelscarousel

Characters linked need at least one colored fullbody reference.

Don't send characters that the user had owned before unless specified by them.

Wait at least 2 posts before claiming again.

dont create drama

Please keep in mind that when you fill out a form, it is what you would prefer to get, but not always exactly what you will receive. The form is basically a loose recommendation of what you want, but these are given for free after all.


Species: (human/Humanoid, anthro, etc)

Preferred Aesthetic: (a general idea of what you want, angels, puppets, etc)

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: (yes/no)

Anything else:

Sending: (link the character you send)

if you recieve something that you really dont like, you could send them to The Freebie Bin, or me ( angelscarousel)


skip or ignore anyone on the blacklist when they offer anything.

@Ariento (Failure to gift a character)

first person to comment will not have to give out a character!



Species: Humanoid or anthro

Preferred Aesthetic: Any

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: yes

Anything else: No


Species: Human(oid)

Preferred Aesthetic: Demon is my number 1 priority, but I'll also accept vampires or other similar aesthetics

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: NSFW yes, gore no

Anything else: I do not want male characters

EDIT: crap missed the first post by a few seconds. I don't have a character ready to give the above person, but I can make one. please be patient with me!



Species: human/humanoid or feral

Preferred Aesthetic: anything unsettling!

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: no NSFW, gore is ok!

Anything else: try not to give anything really anthropomorphic, but I'm pretty lenient on anything!

sending https://toyhou.se/4047752.utsumi


Species: humans/Humanoids only please

Preferred Aesthetic: anything really as long as its spooky

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: yes to gore, slight nsfw is fine. Nothing to major for nsfw

Anything else: I love super unique characters, but dont love tons of bright overwhelming colors.


(skip me ahaha)


dont forget to link the character you send in your claim post!


Species: humanoid preferred, will accept anthro

Preferred Aesthetic: Cowboy/wild West, Wonderland, casino/playing cards, sky kingdom, circus/carnival, royalty, (haunted) hotel, supernatural

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: yes NSFW, mild gore OK

Anything else: No customs please. Please check the transfer history/make sure there's credit/say what game you're sending for <3

Sending: https://toyhou.se/1473971.pretty-pauline


i dug for soo long to find this thread holy hell. ok ok

species: human(oid)! please no ferals or anthros, i really don't know what to do with them 

preferred aesthetic: fantasy, circus/carnival, ghosts, demons - supernatural in general

will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: nsfw and gore are fine, but tastefully 

anything else: no customs please! again, all i request is no anthros or ferals

sending: https://toyhou.se/3565977.- (warning for nudity) 


Species: Humanoid preferred, anthro okay. No ferals. 

Preferred Aesthetic: Cute characters, angels, elves, fantasy, pastels, menhera/kawaii, fauns. Lots of stuff. 

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: Gore is my favorite, absolutely no limits. NSFW is fine. 

Anything else: I only use male/androgynous/genderless; I don't use girls. But designs with breasts are salvageable, I can make them into transmales.

Sending : https://toyhou.se/3854405.tbn-tbd

(Please say what game you're sending from in the transfer!)


Species: Human/Humanoid or Anthro

Preferred Aesthetic: Puppets are an absolute win, ‘creepy’ things like rats or bats and especially possums are a yes, basically I like monsters

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: No nsfw but gore is ok if it’s stylized (I love candy gore)

Anything else: Uuuuuh idk I love circus babs, don’t like creepy pasta babs so much, uhhhh please no super lq <:3




Species: human/humanoid! 

Preferred Aesthetic: I like angel + demon themes. creepy cute too!

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: no NSFW, gore is fine

Anything else:

sending: https://toyhou.se/4089749.benji