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hey feel free to bump as much as you want!

I've noticed a thread like this doesn't seem to exist, but I might be wrong... please tell me if I am!

Hi there!

This thread is dedicated to all horror lovers, and it was made for the sole purpose to pass around characters that are horror related! 


No sending characters that go against nsfw/gore wishes of the user above! If the person above absolutely doesnt tolerate nsfw/gore content, then dont send them one! Going against this will result in a warning.

Customs are permitted, but theres a one month time limit

Any quality of art or characters are mostly allowed here, but please be generous about the quality of the character you send to others. 

no dollmakers! if any, the character much be accompanied by artwork.


If you have an issue, problem, question, or concern, please message me angelscarousel

Characters linked need at least one colored fullbody reference.

Don't send characters that the user had owned before unless specified by them.

Wait at least 2 posts before claiming again.

dont create drama

Please keep in mind that when you fill out a form, it is what you would prefer to get, but not always exactly what you will receive. The form is basically a loose recommendation of what you want, but these are given for free after all.


Species: (human/Humanoid, anthro, etc)

Preferred Aesthetic: (a general idea of what you want, angels, puppets, etc)

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: (yes/no)

Anything else:

Sending: (link the character you send)

if you recieve something that you really dont like, you could send them to The Freebie Bin, or me ( angelscarousel)


skip or ignore anyone on the blacklist when they offer anything.

@Ariento (Failure to gift a character)

first person to comment will not have to give out a character!



Species: Any species. 

Preferred Aesthetic: Cerberus/multi-headed characters, candy gore, headless characters, cryptids, ghosts, extra eyes.

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: Yes.

Anything else: Nah, thank you!

Sending this zombie girl:




Species: Any

Preferred Asethetic: Plant growth, more than one eye, possesion

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes: No NSFW but gore is fine

Anything else: Nope

Sending Bear boi https://toyhou.se/2453179.trent



Species: anthro prefered, but i will take a feral if it really fits what im looking for!

Preferred Aesthetic: tEETH,, lots and lots of teeth. i also enjoy more monstrous, cryptid-like, nightmareish creatures. other than that, satanic/wiccan, gorey, skull/bone orientated, and duller colors prefered

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: gore is absolute yes! nsfw must be strictly artistic nudity

Anything else: please,,, please no "uwu cutie" themed characters,,, nothing pink. please. i prefer canine/weasel/goat/opossum/raccoon and avian characters. cats are okay but not prefered

sending this multi-eyed mossy kiddo https://toyhou.se/7319841.mothman


Claim,aCasualCannibal !! Huh- I have- like- the perfect character to send, almost- not anthro, though, sorry about that-

Species: Feral preferred-- but no goats. I don't like goats. We don't need to continue this conversation.

Preferred Aesthetic: There's two horror aesthetics I like: casual horror, like 'So what I cannibalize people? I still go to the barbecue every Saturday! Guess who we'll be eating next weekend!' or blatant horror, like 'I torture sinners by trapping them in a never-ending cycle of excruciating pain, only ended if I need to feed my hellhounds.'. Nothing pastel or cute or else you'd better look at the menu next weekend, hheh.

Long limbs, eyeless eyesockets, and especially crooked/missing jaws are things that I really enjoy. Also, moss and sorta American Northwest grunge are great aesthetics. Drab colors are great, too! One thing, though- nothing blatantly satanic, please? I'm still a good Christian child, and there's only so many times you can summon the guy before God starts asking questions, you know, general stuff-

Will you accept charas with nsfw or gore themes?: Gore, absolutely yes! Nsfw, only if you want to die painfully.

Anything else: ∩uuǝɹʌǝ ɯǝ˙ Also, have a nice day!!

Sending: revenge is best served cold- literally.

Mom said not to bring home str CatFish-Hoshi


Would like somm zombie/indigo like