The Freebie Bin 2.0!

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The Freebie Bin 2.0

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Perhaps you fell in love with that design when you first saw it, but you still haven't found a place for it after months of searching and need to let it go. 

Maybe you designed something years ago that really isn't as great for you as you thought it was. 

Or maybe you just really need to clean out some space in your folders! 

No matter what the case, you want that character moved out to someone who can love them more. 

That's where this thread might come in handy!

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Thread Rules to keep in mind: You may not conduct sales or trades in this thread. If you are offering freebies, you may add a link to your trades/sales, but please be discreet about it. Anyone caught reselling or trading characters they received for free will be warned. A second violation will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity. Any person offering free characters has the right to refuse a claim without giving reason. WTA events must have a specified end date, and you must intend on giving away characters. Hosting a WTA event with no intention to gift characters will get you banned. Do not spam the pages with your links. Just be nice guys, it's not that hard!  If you have any concerns, feel free to pm me (Fvhn) and I will take care of the matter privately.


Id love her




Hello everyone!!1

So recently, I've become a bit unhappy with how cluttered my is becoming.. which is why I've decided to hold a massive WTA event to get rid of all the characters I don't want or use anymore1!!



The way this works is simple; you write for a character, you have a chance at getting them. Know that none of these characters are fcfs. I will be choosing between entries based on which I feel suit the character best and whether or not I think you can take care of the character. There is no end date in sight, I will pick the owner once I find an entry that I like!1! The characters you are able to write for can be found on my alternate account, willowshineshe (Please ping me in entries made on characters in that account!!!).

Also, all of these characters are up for offers!! If you really fall in love with a character, you can offer on them (Which will heighten the chance that you will obtain them rather than having a slim chance at winning a WTA!!1) I'm mostly looking for usd>art>characters atm. Please understand that I may not accept all offers. Thank you :)

Other than that, have fun, and write away!


I have some characters I don't really want anymore, but I can't sell them so these three are WTA. Please write your entry on their comment section, as it makes it easier for me, and please do not wta on any of the other characters in the Rehome folder. Unless you're offering money or art for them. Thank you. 

I'll be offline for awhile so I'll check their comment sections and decide who get's the character.


SOUNDBBABE two questions!

Can we write for more than one?

And how long will these wtas go on for?

ClyncyeRudje these are all free; ping if you claim here and the last one on the bottom row is free; again, ping to claim.

BroodingBungalow :: these guys are available for WTA. please comment on the character.

ends February 22 @ 3:00 PM EST. No word limit/requirements. You may enter for multiple but can only win for one.


ClyncyeRudje may I adopt the first dragonid from the first link? 



I love that third one from the first link (the green one)

May I please adopt it?


ClyncyeRudje Can I snatch the ace pride dragon?



Can I have it?


MaryMaggotFace MagnetM Sunset-Peril

Sent the transfer requests!



May I  please get the last draganoid from the first link?