The Freebie Bin 2.0!

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The Freebie Bin 2.0

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Perhaps you fell in love with that design when you first saw it, but you still haven't found a place for it after months of searching and need to let it go. 

Maybe you designed something years ago that really isn't as great for you as you thought it was. 

Or maybe you just really need to clean out some space in your folders! 

No matter what the case, you want that character moved out to someone who can love them more. 

That's where this thread might come in handy!

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Thread Rules to keep in mind: You may not conduct sales or trades in this thread. If you are offering freebies, you may add a link to your trades/sales, but please be discreet about it. Anyone caught reselling or trading characters they received for free will be warned. A second violation will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity. Any person offering free characters has the right to refuse a claim without giving reason. WTA events must have a specified end date, and you must intend on giving away characters. Hosting a WTA event with no intention to gift characters will get you banned. Do not spam the pages with your links. Just be nice guys, it's not that hard!  If you have any concerns, feel free to pm me (Fvhn) and I will take care of the matter privately.


I'd like to try for Maya?

Maya would be the youngest sibling in a family of sucessful witches, as such she feels a lot of preassure to suceed at her spell work. She's always loved water, and found swimming and being near the water relaxing, so water magic came easily to her. She gets embarrassed when learning in front of others, especially if she can't get it right right away, so she does most of her practicing by herself. Once she gets something down, however, she's sure to show it off.

She's a blunt person, but it's not malicious. She just doesn't like beating around the bush. Most of her peers stay away from her because of her bluntness. She does have a few friends though. They can laugh off her bluntness, and encourage her to branch out to do new things. So far she's tried sports, band, and dance clubs. She's still part of the swim team, and this year she's tried out for choir.


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 sakuragx4nina can I have her and him, please?


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I'd love to make them brothers :0 maybe like opposite twins of the sort 


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