The Random OC Gift Thread [RGT] Vers. 3

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 4 months ago) by violentPrince

This is a type of forum game where you gift a free character to the person who posted above you. Whether its a character you can't connect with or just can't get rid of, all are welcome here! This thread was originally pioneered by @Fawnfetti ! If you see them, say hi!

At this time, we do not recommend tossing in characters you've invested a lot of money in as you are unlikely to get an OC in exchange of equivalent value, although you are more than welcome to be generous!

What if I don't like the character I receive?

If you don't like the character you receive, you can simply return it to the thread, or place it into the Freebie Bin.

If the character continues to get passed around in the Freebie Bin and/or the thread and you can't find anyone to trade it to, you may simply send it to violentPrince . They will be given a new coat of paint and set up for future gifting.

I'd like to report a rule being broken!

Please message violentPrince with a description of the issue, the offending user/s and sufficient screenshots and/or links to prove your case.


  1. Do not delete any images from the OC.
    • Deleting images from the OC, deleting the OC entirely, or deleting the OC and reuploading them is not allowed.
  2. Characters must have at least one full-body piece of art.
    • At this time, we do not put restrictions on the size of the reference images, but the bigger and clearer the better!
  3. No dollmaker / flash game / dolldivine / browser game designs are allowed.
    • Unless they have additional artwork. Anyone can go out and find the game and make the same design a hundred times over. They're not special enough!
  4. Don't send an OC to someone who's already had it before.
    • The transfer log is there for a reason! Please use it.
  5. Do not send OCs with messages like "sorry!" or otherwise talk negatively about the design.
    • It's just plain rude. It might not be a winner in your eyes, but it could be for someone else!
  6. Do not claim someone, then delete or hide your post just to get free characters.
    • Double posting happens, don't worry about that; you can hide those.
  7. Do not hand out free OCs with hateful / harmful content.
    • This includes visual swastikas, homophobic/transphobic/etc material, hate speech, racist imagery, DDLG/MDLB OCs, age-regressed characters, and pedophilia. Characters found with this imagery are to be reported to (and sent to) moderators so that they may be removed from thread circulation.
  8. Do not remove the original design credit from a character, or otherwise edit it to ???.
    • If any part of the character can be traced back to deviantART or another website, please do so.
  9. If you are designing characters on free or pay to use templates, you *must* credit the artist who drew them initially.
    • Put the link in the description of the image at least. Someone took the time to make that lineart for you to use for free; the least you can do is help others find it.
  10. Do not sell/trade characters from this thread for personal gain unless the transfer permissions of the character allow for it specifically.
    • If the character says 'gift only', don't try to make money off of it.
  11. Do not accept or ask for NSFW content if you are a minor.
    • Seriously. We grown-ups can get in trouble for this stuff. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but the repercussions can be serious and we'd rather avoid it entirely.
  12. In that same vein... do not send NSFW or GORE content to people who do not want to receive it.
    • Most claims are pretty straightforward, but do yourself a favor and at least read them!
  13. Do not take more than 3 days to send someone an OC.
    • Failure to do so will result in an immediate banishment from the game until you have filled your previous claim.
  14. Please wait until 2 posts have passed to claim someone new.
    • If you have not filled your previous claim, do not post at all until you do so!
  15. Do not play this game if you have Quiet Mode enabled!
    • Trust me! You won't get anything and you'll be sad! It's for your own good!
  16. When claiming, you must indicate if you would like to receive a character with GORE or NSFW content.
    • Any epithet and variation of this is fine. Simply posting 'claim' and nothing else both assumes you did not read the rules and that you're alright with accepting literally anything. Which can be pretty bad.
  17. 3APRIL19 : Characters must be transferable. Making characters that are not transferable is not allowed.
    • It is against the spirit of the game and unfair to the recipient. Unless that person is your close friend, we do not recommend creating characters specifically for other people in this thread.
  18. 20MAR19: Characters must be properly credited to be given away in this thread.
    • They cannot be listed as 'unknown' or '???' per TH's rules. (20MAR19) Additionally, if you have characters you've gotten from the thread who are improperly credited, we have an associated channel in the discord server for those seeking the original creator/artist in the event that you'd like to keep the design. (3APRIL19) Regarding the "you can't transfer" but "you cannot delete" rule interference, we have offered the solution of being able to delete designs with unknown origins however, designs that have credited owners should still remain as-is in the thread. Deletion is not currently moderated and is on a case-by-case sort of situation. If you'd like to delete/redesign it, you can or you can send it to a member of staff to do that for you or you can send it back to its initial uploader (viewable in the transfer log) to deal with on their own.


What if I have someone blocked, and they claimed me? (Or they're the person who posted above me?)

I would suggest moving them to a muted status instead of a full block. Muting another person allows you to opt-in to see their forum posts and still allows you to send and receive characters to/from them without the complexity of a block. If you do not wish to do so, we ask that you unblock them long enough to send a character to them, or for them to send a character to you. Being that this forum is open to any member of TH to play (within reason), we do our best to keep an open and welcoming environment and encourage others to do the same. If you do not wish to unblock someone so that they can send you a character (or vice versa), we strongly suggest you find another forum game to play. If the person you have blocked was blocked because they have a bad attitude, you're more than welcome to ask for a moderator's assistance with the matter.

What do I do if I didn't get a character, and the person who claimed me is posting again in the thread?

First things first, send them a polite PM to find out if they forgot about you. Sometimes people sending transfers via mobile may not have their transfer go through. It's perfectly okay for you to inquire with them privately without submitting a report to one of the thread staff. If the person who claimed you does not respond within 12-18 hours or continues to claim other people after you've sent them a message, you may submit a report form.

Why don't you allow Quiet Mode to be active when playing this game?

Quiet Mode as it functions currently does not allow a user to receive character transfers, private messages, or comments on their profile. Because of this, you can claim people and send them an OC, but they cannot send you one back. It's just really inconvenient if someone needs to get in touch.

Where's the Discord link?

Right here baby!

Are there other threads like this one?

Yes. Please scroll down to the first post below this one to view our affiliates.

Who are the moderators right now?


Are mod apps open?

Yes! Shoot the server admin on discord a dm.

Who's banned from the thread right now?

Our banned list is blissfully short. Hopefully, it will stay that way!
DeadAndRisen - Failed to send a character within the 3 day time limit; they need only to send a single OC to @Narrae to be unbanished.
redwillow - Failed to send a character within the 3 day time limit; they need only to send a single OC to @usaqii to be unbanished.
40rim2rare - Failed to send a character within the 3 day time limit; they need only to send a single OC to YureiKitsunee to be unbanished.


High Quality Random
Closed Species Random
High Quality Strict
The Freebie Bin

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Claim , gore is fine


clqim, neither please


claim, both ok!


Claim, NSFW & candy/unrealistic gore OK, please mention which thread you're sending for in the transfer!



both okay, no fully NSFW pictures on characters though, characters themselves can have NSFW themes! 


Gore is fine ! But please no dollmaker/picrew made characters. :>


Claim, Neither please


claim neither


claim! no nsfw but go crazy w gore


claim , both ok!


claim! gore is ok!


Claim, no nsfw, gore is okay with me



gore alright, no nsfw please


claim! no nsfw but go crazy w gore