The Generator Freebie Bin

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago (Edited 8 months, 20 days ago) by Isoprene

A companion to The Freebie Bin! The Generator Freebie Bin is a specific Freebie Bin for characters created through generator websites like DreamSelfy specifically for the purpose of being given away as freebies. Making characters through these sites is a lot of fun, and the best part is that anyone can do it! You can come up with a lot of really cool designs with generator programs, so why not give away any you don't plan to use?

If you have any issues with the thread, please contact either me or @Fehnryr! If you have anything else you need to discuss, take it to the Freebie Bin Discussion Board!



  • Username: Your username! This is for identification in the second post. You can just put your username or ping yourself by putting an "@" in front of your username.
  • Freebie(s): Post the link to your freebie(s)!
  • Generator(s) Used: Post what generator(s) you used to make the freebies
  • Contact: Do you want people to ping you, PM you, comment on the character's profile, etc.?
  • Rules: How many can people claim? How often can people claim? Do they have to write about them before they can get them? Is it first-come-first-serve?
  • Credit: Do you want you to be credited as the creator, or the generator? If you just used a randomization feature it should be the latter, but if you spent a lot of time trying to make something look really nice then you should go with the former!

When your folder/ file/etc. is empty, please ping me so I can remove your entry from the first post and keep it current and accurate!

Generator List


If you know of any other generators, feel free to comment so I can add them to this post! Also be sure to note if the generator contains explicit NSFW material (as opposed to just having a nude base but otherwise being SFW)!

Open Adopt Listing


  • Username: Isoprene
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: Various
  • Contact: Ping Isoprene in this thread.
  • Rules: You can claim 2 per day. First come first serve!
  • Credit: I'll transfer the character to you from IsoAdopts, but if you delete the character and re-upload them later for any reason please credit IsoAdopts as the creator and whatever generator was used as the artist! If you didn't save the generator listed in the artist credits and forget what it was, just ask and I'll let you know!
  • Username: araneko
  • Freebie(s): Link
  • Generator(s) Used: DreamSelfy, and sometimes Kisekae and Gaia AviBuilder
  • Contact: PM'ing me is the quickest way, because my notifications fly by quickly. You can ping me though, but don't expect it to be replied to quickly.
  • Rules: 3 per day. First come, first serve. I don't require anything written, but if you have some ideas for them, please let me know! It would be nice to make sure the characters go to good homes.
  • Credit: Credit me as the creator, but credit the generator as the designer. Also credit the generator in all the images made with the generator.
  • Username: sakuragx4nina
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: Selfy Lab
  • Contact: Ping me ONLY in this form.
  • Rules: First come first serve. No limit
  • Credit: Please credit the CREATORas @ Games Selfy Lab. Never credit the Dreamselfy(I'm serious, don't credit it. The ORIGNAL creator of the selfy system is @ Games and their Selfy Lab. NOT DREAMSELFY. Dreamselfy is ILLEGAL). Please credit the DESIGNERme sakuragx4nina
  • Username: mincy
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: gaiaonline or (if selfy)
  • Contact: Please either ping or request using the tool on this site for the character to be transferred to you
  • Rules: First come first serve
  • Credit: or gaiaonline as artist, Mincy as designer
  • Username: @AdoreAdopts
  • Freebie(s): all ocs on my account are for adopt and have a free option, its required that Gaia ones go free
  • Generator Used: gaiaonline
  • Contact: comment on the oc you want with why you want them
  • Rules: not first come first serve, you can try for as much as you want
  • Credit: already on the characters
  • Username: br0kenkitten
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: Selfylab/Dreamselfy, JWeb Pony Generator, GaiaOnline Avatar Builder, etc (Generators will be put in the Art Credit, so look there)
  • Contact: Ping me first. If I don't respond, PM me. Or do both at the same time. Whatever floats your boat
  • Rules: There is no limit, however, you must name them and say what you'll use them for. The more detailed, the more likely I'll choose you to be the owner. It's not first come first served, if someone has posted that they want it but I haven't responded, you may also post for that same character.
  • Credit: Please only credit be for the design. The art credit goes to the generator. If I see that you have changed the credits from this, I will message you personally about the matter.
  • Username: SuperStar2361
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: i've set the generators i've used as the creator of each freebie!
  • Contact: ping me here, please!
  • Rules: you can claim as many as you want, but i'd like to know what you plan on doing with them!
  • Credit: i've set the generators used as the creator of each freebie!

  • Username: CrystalKitten
  • Freebie(s): Here's where I'll upload them. 
  • Generator(s) Used:
  • Contact: Ping or PM are prefered
  • Rules: Mmmm, I dunno. First come first serve, I guess. Don't take more than two an hour.
  • Credit: I would like to be credited as the creator mainly because I put thought and time into which outfits and hair and face and everything to pick. I set dreamselfy as the 'artist', though.
  • Username: Adalana
  • Freebie(s): Here
  • Generator(s) Used:
  • Contact: Ping me please.
  • Rules: 1 per person once a day, FCFS
  • Credit: I've set the creator credits to me since I take the time to make these. The artist credits are the generator and have been set already.
  • Username: @queenfangurl
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: Not sure if it would be a generator, more of a dress-up game, but I used a Dreamselfy/Selfy Lab based app called CocoPPa Play
  • Contact: Any way is fine, though I recommend writing on the profiles or pinging me!
  • Rules: All the rules will be in the character description c:
  • Credit: I set the credit to GCREST, you can credit me as the designer!
  • Username: Tsubaki
  • Freebie(s): They're always in this folder OR tagged with an "f" for "free"!
  • Generator(s) Used: Gaiaonline! I might use others, but Gaia is my preferred method!
  • Contact: Ping me and my main account, Uclia so I see it asap! You can also comment on one of the character's profiles as long as you ping Uclia! Another fast way to get my attention would be to PM Uclia. (You can PM this account, but replies WILL be slower as I don't spend much time on this account.)
  • Rules: First come, first serve! I don't mind giving you multiples as long as you use them. You may only regift them, unless you obtained extra art. Then you may trade them. I prefer you don't resell unless you actually spent money/points on the art.
  • Credit: Credit GaiaOnline as the creator and the artist, then credit Tsubaki as the designer!
  • Username: ReHome
  • Freebie(s): (Adding more at the moment)
  • Generator(s) Used: GaiaOnline AB/Selfy Lab
  • Contact: I would prefer that you either Ping me on here or Comment on the profile.
  • Rules: Each character will have a question on their description. Answer the question thuroughly and I will choose my favorite answer.
  • Credit: Credit GaiaOnline AB/Selfy Lab as the Artist and Me as the design creator
  • Username: Waltz
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: Dreamselfy
  • Contact: Ping me here or comment on the Stash file.
  • Rules: Claim 1 per day, FCFS unless it is labeled 'WTA', in which case please give a name/blurb about what you want them for.
  • Credit: Credit DreamSelfy as the creator and me as the designer (do not credit me as the creator!)
  • Username: staria
  • Freebie(s): (thumbnailed gallery, click them to view) (one per person only)
  • Generator(s) Used: Selfy Lab
  • Contact: ping me here on staria, not spring / each has a double number to identify them on their image descriptions- you must identify them when you ask for them (e.g. may i have 15 one?)
  • Credit: me as creator (selfy lab as artist)

  • Username: ninihaha
  • Freebie(s):Freebies
  • Generator(s) Used:ChibiZ Chibi Maker ,Chibi Maker
  • Contact: PM or comment on the character's profile
  • Rules: 1 per day, FCFS.
  • Credit: i put the Maker/Generator as creator and artist, myself as the designer.

  • Username: TheLadyAnatola
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: Games found on Doll Divine and Rinmaru Games, although some are  directly linked to the game hosted on the game-maker/artist's DA page
  • Contact: Comment on the character you'd like while also pinging TheLadyAnatola, since I don't always check my side account and won't see it right away otherwise.
  • Rules: Tell me how you plan on using them and what ideas you have to develop  them as a character. Not FCFS. If you don't end up using them, I will  always accept them back.
  • Credit: No  randomizers used, so I'm the creator with the games/artist credited for  the individual pictures. Please don't change the artist or caption  credits for the pictures.

  • Username: Girahi
  • Freebie(s): &
  • Generator(s) Used: Gaiaonline, Selfylab.
  • Contact: Comment on the profile and ping me.
  • Rules: All are Wta so not come at serve and only 1-2 adopt per person and use the form on the profile.
  • Credit: Put me as the owner of the adopt and the image as atgames/gcrest. /Same for gaiaonline.
  • Bonus:  If i very liked the profile i will give a moodboard about the adopt you chosen ! ( exemple on the profile. )

  • Username: Pixi-Spit
  • Freebie(s): Right here!
  • Generator(s) Used: Selfy Lab, Chibi Maker
  • Contact: Ping me or PM, I'm not fussy which.
  • Rules: First come first get! Also it probably goes without saying not to sell the  designs since its a free design from a generator >:V (unless you've  had extra art made of them in which case price accordingly to the value  of the artwork), Gifting is fine. Make what ever changes you want once  they're yours.
  • Credit: Pfft! credit me if you want :V it's not like I drew em or anything. Generator is the artist here so I'd say credit that.
  • Username: vitriolic
  • Freebie(s): customs form:
  • Generator(s) Used: dreamselfy
  • Contact: pm or through discord ♥ v i t r i o l i c ♥#4640
  • Rules: one per person!!
  • Credit: credit me as the designer!

keepin this space down here so i don't get locked inside of these quote boxes


[ reserved ]

  • Username: Isoprene
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: DreamSelfy
  • Contact: Toyhouse ping! I get notifications whenever anyone posts in this thread, but if you don't ping me I might miss it since these threads can get pretty busy!
  • Rules: 3 per day with no upper limit. First come first serve!
  • Credit: I made all of these using DreamSelfy's randomization feature and tweaking things slightly (making things more cohesive, changing skin colors since those don't get randomized, removing backgrounds, etc.), so I wouldn't feel right being credited for "making" them!

Ah another generator would be the doll divine ones! There's a ton on the site and I don't think any are nsfw tho!


Wow, this looks really nice! Great job <3


An additional warning to the kisekae one- If your computer doesn't have a lot of power, or you are running a lot of programs, it might not load or it might crash things x.x


Animecafe102 Ooh, thanks for letting me know! I've added that to the OP!

@Fehnryr Thanks! And noted; I've added an warning about that in the list!


No problem!<3 I used to use that site all the time, maybe I'll try using it again soon and post some freebs if I get the chance, I also wouldn't mind doing some with rinmaru cuz I love in that site XD mostly the couples generator cuz it has the most options lmao XD I wish I could now tbh cuz I feel like it but I gotta sleep XD




Okay two things, there is a SFW version of Kisekae! And there is a higher-quality version of DreamSelfy, but tbh I don't recommend using it as it's in Japanese? I have the links though, if it's good enough to be added. (Also, I know a lot of tutorials on how to use the Japanese DS, and aha, I have the links too) SFW Kisekae: JP DreamSelfy:

I'm gonna post my form in a while.


Isoprene would i be able to have this onethis one and this one?


Quick update: it seems like if you copy and paste a post it keeps the formatting but also locks everything into a quote box where you can add text at the bottom but you can't add to the top. So, I've added the username section to the form so that way I can keep the usernames very visible at the top of each entry! If it's not too much of a hassle, nmfrter, it'd be really cool if you could add a username section to the top of your post so I can re-copypaste it to keep the mastelist uniform!

@araneko Oh, cool, I didn't know about that other version of Kisekae! Added it to the OP! My computer is being terrible tonight and won't load if for me, so I kept (and labeled) the NSFW version up there as well in case the normal one doesn't have as many options for the SFW stuff since I know the one with NSFW option has some pretty extensive options for body type, clothing, etc. If it's otherwise the same let me know! And yeah, language barriers aren't an issue! I won't get much usage out of the Japanese DreamSelfy myself (though I'd certainly like to), but I'm sure there are people here who have guides, know Japanese, are willing to be patient and fiddle around, etc. So I totally recommend dropping off any guides if you've got 'em!

SuperStar2361 Sure thing! Let me know when you've saved them so I can delete them from the file!


SuperStar2361 messed up my ping whoops


[deleted] ~

  • Username: @araneko
  • Freebie(s):
  • Generator(s) Used: Eng Dreamselfy, and the Gaia AviBuilder, which needs an account
  • Contact: Ping me on this thread!
  • Rules: As many as you want, but I need a short reason on why you want them. It can be as short as one sentence.
  • Credit: Credit the generator.

@araneko Alright, cool, thanks for letting me know! I went ahead and removed that version from the list then. And is this the Gaia thing? I'd like to add it to the list even if it requires an account! I'll just make a note about that on the side.