Generate a Character for the Person Above You

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by Fawnfetti

(Haven't seen a create a character game for dollmakers/generators, so might as well start here. If there is already one, let me know!)
In this Forum Game, you must create a character using a generator/dollmaker/other by what they ask for. For example, if the user above you asked for a sea-related humanoid character, you would create that. I would suggest asking for more than one design so that people have an selectiont to choose from. If you have any questions on what you are allowed to do with the final design, ask the creator first.

1. Wait at least 2 posts before posting again. (Unless 24 Hours have passed)
2. Do not post again unless you have completed your last character post.
3. Edit your original post with the character. Do not make a new post just for that.
4. Thank people in your original post by tagging them or PM them
5. Do not harrass people on here. You may share your opinion, but don't be a jerk about it.
6. Do not sell the design you were given unless you have 1)Gotten the creator's permission and 2)Recieved extra art.
7. You have 2 weeks to complete the character. PM me if you will end up taking longer
8. Have fun~!

List of Generators
(You are not required to use these, these are just some I know work well)
GaiaOnline Avatar Builder
JWebGen Pony Generator
Mostly Any Deviantart Dress Up/Doll Maker/Generator

UnClaimed Generated Characters
These characters were generated, but the user they were generated for didn't get attached to the design. They would like to find them good homes, so please feel free to message me if you would like to claim one of these~!


Claim~ haiiroko Done!


There was slim pickin's on Gaia so I ended up cheating and editied some colors in photoshop :/

Hopefully it's a clear design but, if not, here's what I was going for:

  • High-waisted pencil skirt
  • Thick, arched eyebrows
  • Sleeveless blouse with collar
  • Nylon Pantyhose(image from 1951)
  • Black ballet flats or kitten heel

Tried to make it as accurate as possible :<

Would love a kemonomimi or only human with any type of historical clothing design if possible <33

Any gender is a-okay!

Mild NSFW is okay, not a big fan of gore :< Gaia is highly preferred!

Thank you :>