Free designs to a good home!

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Hi, I've just realized that I don't really have the patience to try to trade characters and would rather just cut my losses so that I can get this purge business over sooner rather than later. I think I've gone through and added everyone I plan on getting rid of currently, but there are still quite a few rough characters that I might end up tossing when I go through everyone with a metaphorical fine-toothed comb tomorrow. 

>> Everyone here is free to a good home! (minus those on hold, obviously) <<

* Will be picky with those in "tentative" as I'm still tempted to keep them * 

In order to claim a free character: 

* post a sentence about what your plans are for said character in the character comments 

* Do not post more than that. I mean it. I'm not reading anything longer than a few sentences max and it won't help your chances to write more. 

* I'm going to be judging mostly by what you do with your current characters. IE, if all your characters are always uft, are all unnamed and shoved in unsorted, or any variant of that just be aware that I'm probably not going to send you a character regardless of your plans for them. You're always welcome to post anyway and explain why something might look bad from the outside, though (since my profiles are far from finished and I get that worldbuilding takes time and all that). <3 

* No deadline. I'll send out the character once I find someone I think would enjoy the design and do something with it. ^-^

* For those I can sell, I'll also accept pay-what-you-want money offers via paypal. Can be less than the asking price, just has to be worth the paypal fee. Whatever comes first between that and an acceptable free entry, really. 


WxrmWxxd - No worries! :> Thanks for copying it over to the comments. It helps me keep everything in one place. <3


I adore!!

I would probably turn her into a book character, which is called The Moon and it's about supernatural creatures. She would fit perfectly in there.


Jazzyyazi - Please post in the character comments (as stated in the rules above) so I can keep everything in one place. <3 Thanks!


ok thanks!


I'd really persona love to adopt this Cutie, however I don't really have much to offer or trade since I'm more of a writer myself. I'd love to add this baby to one of my stories, but I typically decide what I want with the character through roleplay. If you see a good portion of my own characters to have blank bios, it's due to both never having time to fill them in *Properly since I have no idea how to use HTML^^`*,and just rewriting each of them for their own universes. I'd really love to add him to my growing family, but I completely understand if he's not for adoption. 


MarshMallowLoaf - ahh, sorry if it wasn't clear in the op but anyone in the "on hold" section is already spoken for in one way or another. ;u; 


Ah sorry! I'm still pretty new here and I was a bit confused when I saw one that said "On Hold". My bad haha