FREE CHARACTERS (closed, thank you!)

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago (Edited 1 month, 9 days ago) by Shadowhawk

I'm currently clearing out my characters and I know I'm not gonna use most of 'em so I'm trying to rehome as many as possible. ;u; 

All of the free characters can be found here:

Literally just post here asking for whoever you'd like and I'll send them over. Up to 5 characters per person. 

The one thing I would ask though is that you please don't resell them for any currency unless you get/make more art for them. That's really the only qualm I'd have with anything. c: 

Other than that go forth be free live your dreamssss


may i get and

please uwu


May I have this kid?


snow_foxydogo : Silverwish is taken, but I can send Foxgaze over!

KEiSD : Yep, sending 'em over!


Can I please get Anu?


Mangekyo : Yep, sending her over!