LF: SFW Art Trades! (open!)

Posted 1 month, 16 days ago (Edited 1 month, 14 days ago) by PossiblyTrans

Heyo peeps! I'm kinda new here and I'm hoping that being active on the forums might help me make some friends haha. So sorry if I seem super new.

Anyhow, I thought it'd be cool to do an art trade or two! :D What I'd like to do is open 3 slots at a time for a trade, then close trades temporarily until I finish those.

Not all of my characters are super fleshed out as to personality and body type, but they do at least have genders. Feel free to give your interpretation of how they look, I guess! I'm fine if you want to just do headshots though.

If your character is an anthro, I can't promise I'll do a super great job, but I'll try my best! Also, I won't do extreme gore.


What type of drawing you'd like in trade trade: (full body, headshot, etc)

Art examples:

Which of my characters you'd prefer to draw: (my characters can be found here)

Which of your characters you'd like me to draw:







1) King_Dingo


sup! I dont use toyhouse much so please be patient as idk how to use this platform yet :) 

What type of drawing you'd like in trade trade: I'm willing to draw a full body! 

Art examples: https://www.instagram.com/scratchnsniiffstickers/?hl=en

Which of my characters you'd prefer to draw:  Castor!

Which of your characters you'd like me to draw: https://toyhou.se/6376713.alligator but let me know if you want a different character if that one dosent work out!

have a great day! :)



I love Alligator and would absolutely be down to trade full bodies with you!! No worries on not being on here often, I've got patience :)



omg AAA thank you!! Castor is a cute amazing character as well! but idk if this will tag you or not but when I do finish my part of the trade do you want me to post it in this thread or just privately message it to you? sorry if its a dummy question i havent done many art trades before this  



It's ok, this is my very first myself! How about we privately message each other?



Sure! sounds like a good plan to me



Finished! It should be in your inbox to approve or something of the sort haha :p I'll link both pics in the initial post when you've approved it for Ali's gallery.

Alright everyone, I'm ready for more