[CLOSED] do you like drawing Hot Men for Trades

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UPDATE 1/30/22: Trades are closed indefinitely, only open to friends & mutuals. If you want to be notified upon possible openings, please sub to the thread. I'll post if I open.

I've been a bit burnt out and have my own personal projects to attend to, so art trades aren't my priority as of now. I'm keeping the thread open to comments for possible re-opening notices. Please don't bank on me re-opening anytime soon, I don't even know if/when I'd re-open!

If you'd like NSFW trades, here's my NSFW trade thread (18+)

- 1x flat color/minimal shading waist up (added 1/13/2022) - FINISHED
- 1x flat color/minimal shading waist up (added 1/11/2022) CANCELED
- 1x nsfw trade (added 1/3/2022) - FINISHED (NSFW in link!)
- 1x flat color/minimal shading waist up (added 12/30/21) - FINISHED
- 1x flat color/minimal shading waist up (added 10/12/21) - Check in 1 sent, awaiting other side CANCELED due to other side stopping communication
- 1x flat color/minimal shading bust (added 10/25/21) - FINISHED
- 1x flat color/minimal shading waist up (added 9/20/21) - FINISHED
- 1x flat color/minimal shading waist up (added 9/20/21) - FINISHED

(I keep the trades anonymous until posting, you can find yours by the add date being the day I send you the first DM!)

Finished trades:

Hey y'all, my first time doing the trades section.... would like boy art and figured I should also expand my art horizons

My art examples can be seen in my art tab and in any of the sites listed on my profile/website. I have NSFW and sometimes gore on there so proceed with caution if either of those bother you. Please take a look at my art to get a good idea of how I draw! It's a lot of men and muscles... I'm not great at exceptionally skinny characters so your Boys might get a little beef, like this. Nothing extreme!

I'd like for anyone in my Mains/Favorites folder to be drawn! If there's anyone you'd like to draw in particular let me know, but I'm not looking for art of anyone outside of there. Valentine is preferred of courseKJBFDH;LKH
I have design notes tabs for all of them! They're all men.

Some art examples:

(click to enlarge!)
I have more risque art you can see on my profile, but I want to keep the examples here clean.
The below examples are sketches with monochrome/limited color palettes or flat color with minimal shading. It's what I'd prefer to do! No full-bodies pls I'll wither away LMAO
You can also see my finished trades above for what kind of quality to expect.

I cannot do full paintings at this point in time. Here's an example of a full painting.
Basically, all the shaded examples are airbrushed with less colors (I usually paint and blend with 5 or so colors per flat color, so its 3-4x the time. Like over 20 hours)


I also have chibis below. These generally take longer! I can also make you one of my YCH cling chibis (info on my commission sheet)

26004219_H7A0hXKT0YudsP6.png ddy1kue-875ece5f-4cfb-4fc5-a15a-e041dd0b

I can also draw your OC as a Fumo plushie:


A few things...

  • NSFW trades are open over here.
  • I'm only looking to draw men for full art, preferably muscular... I'm not great with women so I'd rather not disappoint people! Androgyny depends.
  • If asking for chibis/doodles however, I can draw any gender just fine.
  • These aren't FCFS, I'll be choosing who to trade with. I won't be replying to every comment!
  • If you're selling or trading the character I drew, my art will not add any monetary value. You cannot use my art commercially.
  • You MUST be ok with me using your art for general posting and possibly commission examples! No private use only. I can watermark for online posting upon request, but I automatically watermark chibis.
  • Once agreed upon, both of our set deadlines is 2 weeks to finish by! If you can't finish for any reason please let me know ASAP. Please don't ghost me! I get that stuff happens. I can do an extension of an extra week if either of us need it, but no longer than that.
  • I'd generally like to match effort levels, but I cannot do full paintings at this point in time. Here's an example of a full painting. They take me a long time and I don't currently have the body strength for them from chronic illness.
  • Please don't DM me to ask for trades, just comment. I'll ignore DMs.
For the process, here's how things will generally go:
  • Leave me a comment and I'll DM you if I'm interested, I can also communicate via Discord! if you get a request from "Bossentine Real" its me LMAO
  • Confirmation of what we both want to draw
  • Check in 1 - I'll send a low-res and watermarked sketch and wait for you to do the same on your end, if you haven't already. Once we both get the sketches, we can proceed.
  • I generally like to send another check in for lineart since my pose sketches are pretty rough.
  • Check in 2 - A low-res and watermarked version of the finished art will be sent by either side, and the full resolution version will be shared once both are done. I'll probably send more WIPs in-between then
An example of my process with a past trade:


I can draw:
  • Human hot men. Human weird men. Men
  • Androgyny
  • Chibis/doodles are good for any gender
  • Humanoids (IE demons and the like)
  • Guro/gore, blood
  • Multiple characters in one image
  • Closed species are generally OK so long as I have a trait guide-- I have experience with frankenhounds, kittybots, cherubies, and popunemytmi.
I can't draw:
  • NSFW (for this thread-- they're open in my NSFW trade thread)
  • Women (I'm sorry women)
  • Anthro/furries... I can attempt "flat face anthro" on chibis, but you risk my inexperience!
  • Super complex characters, characters with no references
  • Danganronpa or My Hero Academia OCs
  • Anything on my no-no's list on my commission sheet 
Things I love to draw:
  • Hot men
  • Crossdressing men (who are my IV drip of gender euphoria. no its not a fetish)
  • Muscular/buff characters
  • Older characters
  • Darker color palettes and themes
  • Bunny suits and maid dresses are my specialty
  • Demons, priests, nuns, that kinda stuff. Catholic guilt core. Have you ever listened to Depeche Mode
  • ........Silver hair and/or eyepatches.
  • Long hair
  • Blood, guro/gore
  • Your very beloved OCs. The ones that are your babies that mean the world to you
  • My art and characters are an open book to the kinda stuff I like. I am super predictable. Take a look if you want
Things I don't usually like to draw:
  • Tons of pastels, tons of accessories
  • Complex designs
  • Medieval type armor
  • Twinks (sorry)
  • Younger characters (IE younger than 18)


Please fill one of these out in a comment!
I'd really appreciate if you could attach some art examples as an image in your comment along with a link, so I know what to expect!

  • Username: 
  • Character/s you'd like to draw: 
  • Character/s you'd like me to draw: 
  • Type of trade (bust, monochrome, chibi, etc): You can include multiple things for me to choose from.
  • Art examples link: 
  • Other info: 

I'll be responding to those who I'm interested in trading with within about a week, but I won't be responding to every comment!
As a final note, I don’t care about the “LQ-HQ” labels. Cute art is cute no matter the skill level! I love all sorts of styles so don’t feel deterred about posting.

That's about it, thanks for taking a look!

  • Username: ShinSato
  • Character/s you'd like to draw: Aurelio & Valentine
  • Character/s you'd like me to draw: Selkye & Jayren
  • Type of trade (bust, monochrome, chibi, etc): Bust (Full color) or Chibi (Flat color)
  • Art examples link: Gallery
  • Other info: I would like contact to be via discord. 
  • Username: Kirbygal
  • Character/s you'd like to draw: Aurelio
  • Character/s you'd like me to draw: either Anthemis, Dark Energy, Dmitrios, Flameo, or Keith ^^;;
  • Type of trade (bust, monochrome, chibi, etc): bust or halfbody; flat color minimal shading. Or a chibi xD
  • Art examples link: https://toyhou.se/Kirbygal/art
  • Other info: linked a couple examples In spoiler that are close to a flat color I have lol ;; thankies if you consider~☆

Sry pics are big I'm posting from mobile. Flat color stuff would kinda be like the first two ^^; though maybe with more of the second ones shading lol



If chibi art is shaded stuff it'll be like this ^^;


  • Username: PhantomYuuki
  • Character/s you'd like to draw: probably Aurelio
  • Character/s you'd like me to draw: feel free to draw anyone, I don't mind. I'm sorry, I don't have that many characters completely drawn tbh- there are more incomplete stuff that i could show you if you possibly take me up on this offer lol
  • Type of trade (bust, monochrome, chibi, etc): bust or halfbody, i can do flat color or minimal shading lolol
  • Art examples link: https://toyhou.se/PhantomYuuki/art i guess


  • Other info: if it's easier for you, you can contact me on discord by Yuuki#6039

Username: Arcainook

Character/s you'd like to draw: Pleaseeee your man Valentine with his glorious ponytail is just *Chef's kiss* buttttt then again I do quite enjoy mister boss (Aurelio) as well XD

Character/s you'd like me to draw: Honestly I would love to see what you do with my mafia/group (aka hot badass that tends to be a touch starved jerk-) named Rallie butttt you can draw whom ever catches your eye! Including the misfits Shohei or Mor. 

Type of trade (bust, monochrome, chibi, etc): You can include multiple things for me to choose from. My strong suit would be Headshots/busts with full shading but I would be happy to do a fullbody is desired. Although I do not have a chibi or munchkin style so it would be my normal style like below. 

Art examples link: Here you go ^^

Other info: If it's easier for you, you can contact me on discord instead <3 Arcainook #9437

DID YOU SAY HOT MEN?! I don't have a soft spot for hot men and bishies

  • Username: Feathery-Creations
  • Character/s you'd like to draw: Valentine / Aurelio
  • Character/s you'd like me to draw: Anyone here but I think you might take interest into Sajii (more than welcome to give him any cross dressing outfit), Leon, and Radix
  • Type of trade (bust, monochrome, chibi, etc): I'm down for anything really other than like Chibi XD I'm also down to do a couples sort of thing if you are interested cause Sajii and Leon are a thing XD
  • Art examples link: https://twitter.com/Feathery_Arts
  • Other info: Lemme know if you are interested cause I can give you more info on who
  • Username: Coco_kito
  • Character/s you'd like to draw: Aurelio
  • Character/s you'd like me to draw: 
Nicole (Some buff himbo man) 
Yuto (Tall buff man)
 Mrs. DaVinchy (Tiny old chubby cow idk)

Dario (Well idk if count like crossdressing, but he's a drag)

  • Type of trade (bust, monochrome, chibi, etc): Fullbody or halfbody. Full or simple shading, i can do flat color too :D 
  • Art examples link: ;)
  • Other info: I would like contact to be via discord. cokito#3242

edit: Srry xd but ur female ch are preetty  aaa


🎁 Finished trade with Crimsynthe!



🎁 Finished trade with Arcainook!