LF:dainty custom sketches O:any-species art

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🠞 description of dainty design i'm tossing around in my brain 🠜
[[dainty species info, if you're unfamiliar-- basically hoofed kemonomimis with deer tails and permanent stockings]]

I have an idea of where i want to go with the design for my MYO, but i'm a bit stuck on details!! Looking for some other people's takes on it for inspiration.
ค(ミΦ ﻌ Φミ)ค

mostly i want rough-colored sketches-- since i'm not sure on the details i don't want y'all to work too hard on polish!
if you only want to sketch part of it (e.g. only the stockings, only headshot, etc.) that's cool too!

I can draw humanoid, anthro, feral, any species really. i'm willing to do different amounts of different styles to match your effort, if you'd like something other than a colored sketch in return. no mecha or nsfw/ship art. my apologies, but i will be asking you to complete your half first since i draw very fast and have had people ghost me before ;w;

Some of my arts:


it's intended to have the boots in your example but I couldn't figure out how to draw them :( i'm sorry

intended idea for texture  





ooh i hadn't thought of that type of fabric texture, but i like it! ^^ Do you want a sketch of any particular character in return?

edit: sketch is up! ò⍵ó


Nah I don't have any preferences on which you draw,surprise me


usually I'd ask first but I really wanted to try my crack at it, used the legs above though! I hope you don't mind. 

his belt is a caution tape mimic, and he's espoused to be doing the nya pose but I got too lazy to draw the hands. the optinal hat, belt and collar all have fish bones on em. and he has pointless zippers on his sleeves cause he comes off as that kinda man.



heck yeah pointless zippers!! that sounds about right haha

also i like where you went with the hair-- ♡ॢ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎

any oc in particular you want scribbled up? :3


a little odd sketch request but could you maybe also sketch a character based on a description and aesthetics? I can nab a pre designed OC but your art reminds me of a lass I haven't sketched 

Priscilla, she's got a bio on her toyhou.se and here are some aesthetics https://toyhou.se/14408190.priscilla-cicero/15416713.aesthetics/gallery

I'd like the soft dainty woman with a lil bit of a secret vibes pushed if you decided to sketch her.



Will do! :3 Should be a couple days and it'll be ready ^^


ok I look forward to it!



(just an update, i haven't forgotten! i'm just not quite content with how the scribble's turned out so far, so i'm working on redoing it better for ya ^^)

edit: all done! ♡ค(ミ• ω •ミ)ค


ok! take your time!


[[still open]]


i doodled a little something  - portrait w hair in low ponytail/hair down with v sorta shaggy cut bc he sounds like someone who'd try to cut the hair himself just bc he had scissors closeby, and a simple idea for legs w stockings that go with his eyes owo)b
you can open 'em in new tab and they should be in higher resolution!!




that is --definitely-- his vibe haha, 'i saw scissors so here we go'!
I like the sock idea too~

what character were you lookin for a sketchie of?  

⬤ Dubhán ⬤ sonneambedo


im glad they are vibes!! and i hope theyll help u-u

 also, id like this boyo doodled >:3c 


sonneambedo spookie man has arrived~