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051722: Closed for now but feel free to post if you want! I won't start until I finish up all slots tho!

  • I'm looking for art for anyone in this folder OR any environment/setting art trades that are bg heavy.
  • Examples of my art can be found below or here on my carrd. sorry my style is all over the place when it comes to characters
  • Not fcfs or skill-based, I'll pick trades based on how interested I am in drawing your request.
  • My pref is more 1:1 trades but open to different offers!
  • Since I'm waiting on the other side of a bunch of trades right now, I won't start unless you show me a wip! My turnaround time is 1-4 weeks.


Scene/Background trade
  • Environment-heavy piece of a setting of your choice! Mostly bg driven. Either sketch-style or fully-rendered depending on what you are offering or comfy with
  • I can work off of written descriptions, photo refs, moodboards, or just a vibe since I'm pretty comfy drawing bgs.
Bust/half-body/full-body | PREFERRED
  • Either painted-style or sketchy cel-shaded flats
  • I'm open to any other suggestions that aren't 1:1! However, my environmental/scenic drawings will most likely be 1:1 unless your offer is really compelling.
  • I'm also down for experimental trades in which I just try to draw your character in csp. Idk how to use csp so I don't have an example of how it will look, you'll just have to trust me lol

Will Do:

  • Humanoid/human/kemonomimi
  • Environment/backgrounds (complex ok)
  • Mild gore
  • Working off descriptions
  • More than 1 character in a drawing (trade must match tho)

Will Not Do:

  • NSFW
  • Feral/Anthro/Furry (idk how to draw them)
  • Black and white/monochrome images
  • I prefer original over fandom characters
  • Anything I'm not comfortable with



Raffle-v2.jpg AT-mokkemina-v1-041022.jpg Af-v10_2.jpg 1-e1650054764864.jpg 6.jpg


5-3_Goodbye-winter.jpg Artfight3-v1.jpg Arttrade-v1.jpg Raffle-v2.jpg characters_rooftops_nights_city_flower_m Intansstore-v1-010122.jpg 013119-Aiden-Res-v2.jpg


Af-11.jpg Untitled_Artwork-scaled.jpg Untitled-2.jpg 6.jpg

At-sairichie-v1-051122-2.jpg At-Onigirix-v1-050622.jpg At-bobo-v1-041922-1.jpg At-Louvel-v2-041122.jpg AT-mokkemina-v1-041022.jpg Rosiel-AT-040422-v1.jpg Arttrade-v1.jpgg Arttrade-Finch-022622-v2.jpg


Please fill out the form when replying, give me a day to reply!

Not fcfs, I'll pick trades based on how interested I am in the request rather than skill.
Will dm you if I'm interested, no hard feelings if I'm not!


  • Example: A link or images of art examples
  • Type of trade: What do you want to trade?
  • Your Character/ref/idea: Link to OC, ref, or brief written description
  • Character you want to draw: OC you are interested in drawing
  • Turnaround: Please give me a realistic time of when you'll complete your trade
  • Other: Anything additional to note?

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aaaaa thank you for the offer, I'm interested! I really love your style btw and the bgs in your examples look pretty good to me uvu

I can't decide between Il and socks fhfskdjhfk, I'll dm you!!


hii! i'm still a lil new to drawing bgs but ive been fiending to do one LOL

examples: bg examples , all art

type: halfbody - fullbody, fully shaded and colored scene!

my character: micah (i have another option if he isnt doable ^^)

character i'll draw: Alex Vega

turnaround: usually i get art done quick, but if stuff comes up i'll most likely take up to three weeks

other: please use this image as a reference (feel free to ask me anythin about his design cuz i understand its a bit vague 🤧) - some of his info is a bit outdated, so i recommend you mostly go off of his likes / dislikes n personality - feel free to ask me abt anythin tho!!


louvel hiiii ty for replying!! I'm totally down for a trade and I can draw micah! I think if you are doing a full scene, then I'm down to do one for micah too, it will kinda look like the environment examples above I'll dm yoou!


done with mokkemina's trade, gonna finish up louvel's!


I'm open for one more slot but added a note- since I'm waiting on the other side of so many trades right now, I'm probs not gonna start on my part until you show me a wip! 

//casts thread revive spell!!!



ty for the offer but I'll have to decline. I appreciate your interest tho!!


done with louvel's! it was a fun draw! working on bobo's now uvu i'm semi-open, will probs be a bit selective but feel free to post if interested!



Done with bobo's! still semi open uvu



So pretty!!! *o* Figured I'd offer <3

  • Example: This!! (There's some old art in there, but this is the latest!)
  • Type of trade: Perhaps I can do an animated pagedoll or two(with or without a bg) for a bg/scenic piece? c:
  • Your Character/ref/idea: Shinobu, Perhaps by an apple tree/collecting apples. Or perhaps Her with her bear form in a clothing shop/modelling her outfit? or if you see anyone from this folder you like a lot, I can suggest more ideas!
  • Character you want to draw: Alouette Seems super cute!!!
  • Turnaround:I can complete mine in 1-2 weeks, although closer to 1, maybe even a few days c: You may take whoever long you'd like!
  • Other:Totally cool if my style isn't something you're looking for! <3 I'm a patient person, so take as long as you need if you are interested!


aaa your style is super cute!! but I'm not looking for pagedolls tho and I would prefer my bgs/scenic trades to be matching/1:1 trades so I'll have to decline. thank you for your interest tho!



Hii! I'm down for trade if you are!! I'm don't mind a scenic trade but I think I need to know a bit more about your characters to determine what you have in mind for a bg uvu

I'll DM you!


Hi! I’d be interested in a trade :) 

  • Example: Link / Link / Tumblr
  • Type of trade: Scenic if you’re willing to let me try my hand at it, otherwise I’m open to other suggestions too!
  • Your Character/ref/idea: Clod, hero in some kind of Gotham-like city or Evil in some sort of comically evil room (portraits of himself on the wall and everything)
  • Character you want to draw: Samantha or Aiden maybe? 
  • Turnaround: ~2 weeks
  • Other: I’m on mobile so the form’s text editing is a bit wonky but ty for the opportunity!


Helloo!! clod seems fun but would you be ok with a sketch scene kinda like this or this? aka everything pretty loose!