LF: Art Trades / O: Digital & Pixel [OPEN MAY '19]

Posted 7 months, 5 days ago (Edited 1 day, 23 hours ago) by kingxlink

Heyo! I'm Link and I'm still working on getting my character profiles set up, but I also want to practice drawing more!Any skill level is welcome! This is more for my own practice than anything else;;;

  • I'm willing to draw humans, anthros, fanart, and couples - but whatever you ask for from me, I expect at least that in return.
    ( ex: if you ask for a flat color half-body from me, that's what I'll expect in return! )
  • I can also offer pixel art but might be a little more picky on trades that ask for it.


VSdSbs0.pngfuyimmz.png 1KqPSvO.png

  DxVzfHU.png BAU4CEs.png Njeo6TE.png l5RRS3o.png


EZcojl0.png 17kb56d.png hDypuLW.png UzgcPu4.gif


( you can also check out my deviantART for more examples, here! )

Any of my characters are free game for drawing, but here's a few suggestions: tagged OCs here!

And here's a DeviantART Sta.sh folder of all my idiots (because not all of them are on TH yet):
there's...a lot of them

  • JulianaScientifica (shaded half-body)
  • Superusami (pixel)
  • ChemicalShites (shaded half-body)

  • JulianaScientifica (shaded half-body)
  • ChemicalShites (shaded half-body)


Ahhh thank you so much!! I’ll have yours finished soon! 


Here you go! 1558196948731.png


Here's Holly!! :D thanks for trading, I'm hyped to see your 1/2! Stash link

dd79v93-0106a61b-2108-47d3-aea9-42a4505d if you'd also like a bigger version feel free to ask!


ChemicalShites Sounds good to me! I'll add you to my list! c:

Star-overload She looks great!! Thank you for drawing my girl! <3

Superusami Omg she's adorable;;; I love the little blush you included! I'm a bit slower with my pixels, but I'll make sure to finish my half ASAP!


No problem, I'm glad you like it!! Just keep me posted :D 


Hello! If you're still open I'd love to do a trade with you! qwq

I can offer some shaded halfbodies, you can find examples of my art in my DA gallery!

I'm interested in drawing Tabitha! If you're interested as well, I'd love something of Naya, Utako or Miharu! qwq


 I love bunnies, so I went with Kaosu! I will scan this in the future and put it up on my dA if that’s fine by you https://sta.sh/06ush5ooqzx


Ilikepony I'd love to trade with you! c: I finished watching Assassination Classroom recently, so I'm super excited to draw an OC for it! I'll probably go with Naya, but I'm in love with Utako too;; I'll add your trade to my list!

ChemicalShites Omg he's super cute!! I haven't drawn him myself in ages, so it's really awesome to see stuff again. <3 Feel free to post it on DA too! I'll have my half done ASAP!