LF: Art Trades O: Digital & Pixel [OPEN MAY '20]

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Yo! I'm Link, and I'm looking for some art trades to keep me busy in the apocalypse. It's been a while since I've asked, and I'm kinda slow, but I hope you'll be interested anyway! c:

  • I'm willing to draw humans, anthros, fanart, and couples - but whatever you ask for from me, I expect at least that in return.
    ( ex: if you ask for a flat color half-body from me, that's what I'll expect in return! )
  • I can also offer pixel art but might be a little more picky on trades that ask for it. (pixel for pixel is preferred)
  • I also have a request thread here (specifically for pencil sketches)


VSdSbs0.png1KqPSvO.png  BAU4CEs.png 



EZcojl0.png 17kb56d.png hDypuLW.png lTQ5xeV.png


( you can also check out my deviantART for more examples, here! )

Any of my characters are free game for drawing, but here's a few suggestions: tagged OCs here!



husbrandos No worries! I've been buried in art twitter, myself, so I get it. > 3<

Omg, I love how you drew Oreo!!   Thank you so much!!


I'd love to do a bust of This bab for a fanart of This boy? (Guy with green hair) 

E X A M P L E - O N E < - - Female, dark skinned, shaded

E X A M P L E - T W O < - - Male, light skinned, flat

my only examples right now. I'd be looking to trade bust images. (Keep in mind, I work better with lighter skin tones/ palettes , which is why I picked that particular character of yours)



That sounds great! I've been looking for more practice with curls, so I'd love to draw him. And I'm always up for more art of my Mojito. <3 I'll add you to my list!


Thank you!  Adding you to my list too!


Hi! Would you maybe want to trade with me? I can do a couple or single character cell shaded partial body like this or this!  I’m looking for single and couple art of anyone in here ^^



Hey! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I haven't been able to even look at my computer for a couple days;;

 I'd love to do a trade with you! I haven't done a couple trade yet, but I'm super eager to draw couples. O: I took a look through your suggestions, and I really love Ryan and Sami, but I don't see any info on which of that group are paired in some way? So feel free to suggest a specific couple (or a selection, if you prefer)!

I mostly have OC/Canon couples, but I generally don't suggest them;;; Here's a few originals, if you're interested in any of them:

Kalys Wolf / Snyder Black (couple) || Mojito / Feng (couple) || SunLight & MoonShadow (unwilling teammates, so technically enemies, but both of them just annoy each other;; that's about the extent of their 'enemy' status)


Ahh that’s fine no worries!  None of them are “officially” in a relationship per se I just like shipping and possibilities! (And I can’t decide which of several conflicting pairings I like better lol)  As for the characters you mentioned, Ryan can be shipped with Aiden or Jessica, and Sami with Tom or Misty.  I’d also be in to platonic stuff of Sami and Aiden (best friends/adopted siblings) or the twins together :)

I’m not against drawing oc/canon (I really don’t care that much) so if that’s what you want most I’d do it. I’d probably need info on the canon character too tho if they’re not one I know really well~  I also looked at the OCs you linked and would happily try drawing any of them so l’ll leave it up to you!!  The only thing for me is I may take a while but you’re welcome to bug me about my progress and I’ll do my best not to take over a month. 



I have a rough time picking final pairings too lol;;; But those are all really great ideas! O: I think I'll go with Sami and Misty. I really wanna draw some cute girls. <3

I think I'll ask for Kalys and Snyder for sure, actually! I'm super indecisive when it comes to my couples, but I think they'd look cute in your style. c:
No worries about being slow - I am too. You can feel free to check on me about progress whenever, as well! I'll add you to my trade list now. <3


Yay, ok! ^u^

I’ll add that to my list too then~ Which is Snyder’s main design? He’s got a few variations in the art of him :)



Ohcrapyou'reright;;; I always forget what I put in there because he's my friend's OC lol;; These two are probably the best (but any of the ones labeled teenager are good) : fullbody / halfbody & tatt ref



Hey! I just finished my half of the trade. <3 I hope you like them! ccc:



Ahhh this is gorgeous ffff it’s so cute thank you 💜💜💜

This is such a good reference for their outfits too?? Particularly Misty’s like you got it perfect but somehow made it look more... plausible than I ever do if that makes sense? The pinky purple lighting too just looks awesome 😱😱😍😍

Mine is not done yet and I’m so sorry about that but progress has been made and hopefully I can finish it really soon!  This’ll at least be a kick in the rear for me to work on it lol

Oh and btw tysm for watching me back on DA ;u;



Omg I'm glad it turned out so well!! I know what a pain it can be to get an outfit to look right in refs, so I'm glad I was able to help! > 3<

No worries! : D I don't mind the wait, and I was just happy to draw these two. They're ridiculously adorable??

No problem! I look forward to seeing more of your OCs on there! <3 This should be posted on there by about noon tomorrow, too! c:


Aww you’re so awesome ☺️  You probably don’t care lol but them and their team are all characters that have been with me in some form since I was a little kid and the way they’ve developed and had people drawing them in the past year and when people say they like them it’s just?? so neat aaaa

It’s been too long since I’ve drawn my OCs though because I’ve been going nuts with gifts and trades. Maybe that’s contributing to the stupid art block thing I’m doing right now. I guess I’ll have to do some personal stuff soon, after I finish your trade of course 😁 Looking forward to adding this to my collection on DA too then!!


Would you be interested in drawing https://toyhou.se/2078471.kat?

My best art examples are here: https://www.deviantart.com/katwhiskerz/journal/2019-Commissions-OPEN-780276230

I can do pixel art or normal digital art!

//also I'd prefer if the AT was fullbody