LF: Art Trades O: Digital & Pixel [OPEN AUG '19]

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 3 months, 27 days ago) by kingxlink

Heyo! I'm Link and I'm still working on getting my character profiles set up, but I also want to practice drawing more!
Any skill level is welcome! This is more for my own practice than anything else;;;

  • I'm willing to draw humans, anthros, fanart, and couples - but whatever you ask for from me, I expect at least that in return.
    ( ex: if you ask for a flat color half-body from me, that's what I'll expect in return! )
  • I can also offer pixel art but might be a little more picky on trades that ask for it.


VSdSbs0.pngfuyimmz.png 1KqPSvO.png

  DxVzfHU.png BAU4CEs.png Njeo6TE.png l5RRS3o.png


EZcojl0.png 17kb56d.png hDypuLW.png UzgcPu4.gif


( you can also check out my deviantART for more examples, here! )

Any of my characters are free game for drawing, but here's a few suggestions: tagged OCs here!

And here's a DeviantART Sta.sh folder of all my idiots (because not all of them are on TH yet):
there's...a lot of them



Hello! If your willing to do a trade with me i'd be hyped. Here's my babes - https://toyhou.se/KillerMakaChop/characters/folder:575017

Here's my ex - https://www.deviantart.com/killermakachop/gallery/


Hey guys! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I've been away from my computer for a couple days.

Anomalydoll - No, I totally get that! I'm in the process of revisiting Neopets OCs I've technically had since I first got on the internet, and my very first OCs are listed on here;;; Anytime someone likes them, I get this like. Dumb puppy smile. FOR DAYS lol;;; Def try to do some stuff for you too, though!! I'm notorious for drawing for others and never myself, but trust me, you gotta give your own kiddos some love too. <3

KatWhiskerz - I can't draw ferals, so as long as you don't mind me drawing the anthro version, I'd love to draw them! Fullbodies sounds good. c: Would you want to trade flat color pieces or?
As for who I'd ask for, I have a Neopets Lupe OC that I'd love to see in your digital style, but I'll need a little bit of time to throw color on his ref sketch, if that's cool. c:

KillerMakaChop - Ooh, I'd love to draw Succubus or Ash! O: I absolutely love Dixon too, but I don't think I could do him justice lmao;;; Would you like to draw either Jen or Shadow? Jen has more info, and an alternate option would be Jen with Shadow's eyes. Or you can pick someone else from my tagged OCs in the original post! c:
If all that sounds good, what would you want to trade? Digital, pixel, half/full bodies, flat color...etc, etc!


kingxlink anthro would work good! Colored fullbodies would be good, and I can wait until his ref is done!

Imperius_ kingxlink

KatWhiskerz - Just finished his ref! c: Faster than I thought I would, lol;;; There's a full ref in his gallery you can use, and I'll officially add you to the trade list now! Thanks for waiting!


kingxlink I can do that!


kingxlink how’s this? :0




Omg that's adorable!! ; 3; I love how fluffy his hair & tail look!! I'm sorry I'm so slow to respond right now, I'm trying to get a couple things sorted out in RL, but I'll have my half finished ASAP! Thank you again!! <3


kingxlink I’m glad you like it! No rush on your half ^^ Take as much time as you need, as long as it gets done eventually I’ll be happy (:


KatWhiskerz Thank you for waiting! Just finished my half! I really love the patterned background in her ref, so I tried to mimic it here;;; I made a transparent version too, just in case! I hope you like her, and thank you for trading with me! <3



kingxlink aaaaa I love this sm?? It looks so nice! >w<

Tysm for ATing with me!


KatWhiskerz !!! I'm glad you like it! <3 She was a lot of fun to draw!

KillerMakaChop Hey, just checking in to see if you're still interested in a trade! Let me know! uwu


Hey there!  Tagged you on DA but just wanted to make sure you saw this!! https://www.deviantart.com/anomalydoll/art/Art-trade-Kalys-and-Snyder-794903848


i am interested in a half body flat color! could you do https://toyhou.se/3917500.milo , https://toyhou.se/3415663.lucas-dean-niami or https://toyhou.se/3708807.vincent-rashold


Star-overload Your characters are super cute, and I'd love to draw Milo, but could you share some examples of your art? O:


Ergh I tried to add in a link but seems it didn’t save! I often draw on bases but I can do freehand as well, ignore the first couple of sketches, those were free 2 second car sketches I was giving away haha