LF: Art Trades O: Digital & Pixel [OPEN MAY '20]

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 27 days, 48 minutes ago) by kingxlink


Yo! I'm Link, and I'm looking for some art trades to keep me busy in the apocalypse. It's been a while since I've asked, and I'm kinda slow, but I hope you'll be interested anyway! c:

  • I'm willing to draw humans, anthros, fanart, and couples - but whatever you ask for from me, I expect at least that in return.
    ( ex: if you ask for a flat color half-body from me, that's what I'll expect in return! )
  • I can also offer pixel art but might be a little more picky on trades that ask for it. (pixel for pixel is preferred)
  • I also have a request thread here (specifically for pencil sketches)


VSdSbs0.png1KqPSvO.png  BAU4CEs.png 



EZcojl0.png 17kb56d.png hDypuLW.png lTQ5xeV.png


( you can also check out my deviantART for more examples, here! )

Any of my characters are free game for drawing, but here's a few suggestions: tagged OCs here!



i'm trying to get art for my bf bc his birthday is coming up and i'd love some couple art of us,

I, myself am not good with couple art so i'd be willing to do two seperate fullbodies in return

art examples: https://www.deviantart.com/milqshake/gallery/?catpath=/

I may take 2-3 weeks at most because i'm slightly busy right now



thank you for considering


Star-overload I use bases myself for my personal work, so I don't mind basework, if that's what you choose to do. c: You can pick anyone to draw from my tagged OC link in the orig post!

milqshake When is your bf's birthday? I think you two are a super cute couple and I'd love to draw you both, but I'm on the busy side myself;;; I'm not sure I can have my half done in time, depending on when his birthday is.


Hello! Is this thread still open? I am happy to have an art trade with you. Have a nice day!

Here are some of my art examples as well as the characters for the art trade



Yep, this is still open! What kind of trade were you thinking of, specifically? (bust, half body, full, flat color or shaded, etc?)


A half-body and shaded art trade, maybe. 

Allister Magic Hareryuu

Hey! I'd love to do an art trade :D I'm on mobile but here's my examples: https://sta.sh/2vebb8owy5p 

I can do a pixel or regular art, but since your pixels are much more detailed idk if you'd wanna trade for one'a mine?

If yes, could you draw my boy Alli? :D thanks for lookin! 


ah i don't have time to complete an art trade, and i noticed im not on your list, so i hope it's ok if i cancel!


JulianaScientifica That sounds good to me! Is there any specific character of yours you'd like? As for my end, feel free to pick any of the ones linked here!

Superusami Actually, I think your pixels are super cute and I'd love to trade for them. <3 You'd like a pixel of Alli, right?

milqshake I was waiting to hear back from you before I put you on the list, but no worries about canceling! c:


Yes please!! And I'll pick someone outta the link you put :D (I'm thinkin Holly but I might go w someone else!!)



You may choose anyone in my TH account, even in Work In Progresses characters. I just want to be a surprise of who you drew. Anyways, as for my half of the Art Trade, I gotta draw this lovely lad of yours thank you! 


Superusami Sounds great! I'll be excited to see whoever you pick! c:

JulianaScientifica A surprise it is! c: Can't wait to see what you do!

I've added both of you to my list, I'll try to get my half done soon. <3


Star-overload Just finished my half of the trade! I hope you like him! <3



hello! I was wondering if this was still open and if it is, id love to trade with you if you’re interested! 

Here’s my art https://www.deviantart.com/lololoooooo/gallery/ and for characters any of them https://toyhou.se/ChemicalShites/characters/folder:506436


ChemicalShites Hey! You watched me on DA a little while ago, thought I recognized the name. Good to see you in here!

I'd definitely love to trade with you. Is there any specific trade you want? (bust, half, fullbody, flat, shaded? pixel?)
You can pick any of my characters from here!


Hmmm how about a shaded half body (since that’s normally my go to for trades)? And for characters I think I’ll draw either Kaosu or Riona, I like their designs!