anthro/feral art trades! [open]

Posted 4 months, 4 days ago (Edited 2 months, 10 days ago) by spincho

hey guys

i love doing art trades so i thought i'd start a thread of my own :>>

i will generally draw fullbodies because it's what i'm the most comfy with, but i don't necessarily expect them back! however, i do ask that you put effort into your side. if it looks like a kindergartener drew it in 15 seconds on ms paint i will have the big sad ;-;

also, i prefer digital art to traditional, but i get it if you have no other option :)

time limit is a month. that goes for me too lole


characters i would love art of: here

characters that desperately need art: anthro | anthro |  feral |  feral

examples of my art


what i can't draw:


horses (but i can try)


mechanical or heavily robotic stuff


heavy gore

i can draw anything else though!






oooo I'd love to trade! Art Examples 

All my art trades are neatly lined and fully shaded


hhh hi
may I ask for trade? click for art examples

I mainly draw ferals, so probably will draw feral

✨Sapph✨ Saltminer

I would love to trade! This gal could use some more art 

Example, Example, Example, Example, there’s some more in my art tab!


Chef-Gatsby lovely art! accepted :) what character would you like me to draw?

theoneweirdo your art is precious - accepted! just lmk which character you'd like drawn :>

Saltminer so soft ;-;; accepted!

thank you all for your interest! i'll get to work asap :>

★ Nicholas theoneweirdo

whackalope thanks ^^
I'll probably draw Bismark
Can you do Nicholas? Anthro or feral, any form is ok! 


ooo absolutely! thanks :>


gasp thanks!! 

You can draw whichever one you want! russian boy or american boy or emo boy


@everyone done!! thank you all so much and i hope you like your art :))


hi! :0 if you’re still up for art trades i’d love to do one with you! (my art examples: 1 | 2 | 3)

i would most likely draw nook! these are my feral characters, I’d love to see art for any of them :0 


NovaBlue oh absolutely! I would love to :) I think he’ll look great in your style!!

edit: i am finished, i hope you like it :>


I'd be totally up for a trade! It's been to long since I've done one!

Here are some art examples


Stillanonion sickk just lmk what character you want drawn :))


spincho Coolio! Could you do Smallberry for me?