LF fun lil art trades! (March 14th)

Posted 1 month, 25 days ago (Edited 1 hour, 11 minutes ago) by emmon

I've been craving some art of my OCs recently but my wallet is a little Empty so I thought I would open up some trades!


This is the quality of work I'm looking to trade in, though I'll look at anything :)

Some babes I'd love to get art of are:


You're also welcome to look through my OCs and offer to draw someone else!

I love page dolls and cartoony type work just as much if not more than realistic stuff.

My art: https://www.deviantart.com/emmonarts

I can draw feral, anthro and humanoids.


Slot 1: Beed - Ćimboldo - Half body, flat colour
Slot 2: fizzelston - Olivier - Half body, flat colour
Slot 3: Nonacrone - Strawberry - Headshot, flat colour
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

See my Trello to check the queue!

Brynn Tyrson Kazeun

I’d be interested! I have some examples here. I don’t have any recent feral examples, but I can definitely draw a lion c: 

I’d like Brynn (posted IC) drawn but if he doesn’t interest you, you’re more than welcome to look through my other OCs (just not unsorted).

I’m open to doing pretty much anything, just let me know what kind of trade you’d like to do! (Icon, fullbody, etc.)


I'd love to be considered for an art trade! I'm honestly not the best at drawing ferals so if you don't mind me practicing a bit with your lionsona/doing something a bit experimental i'd love to doodle something up for you! Alternatively I can do humanoids and anthros pretty well so if there are any other characters you'd be interested in getting art of feel free to link them! 

A linked a few examples in the spoiler below!



I'd totes be up for doing a headshot trade of Brynn, but I'm also 10/10 enamored with this little lime, and wouldn't mind doing a little chibi type thing of him!

I'd love to trade some doodles! Experimenting is good, but I've linked a couple new OCs in the original post in case you wanna look through those :)

(tfw u accidentally post before you're done the comment WOOPS I'll edit with which of your OCs I find cool in a sec ksjdhfksjhd)


I'm sobbing because you added a ton of cool ocs? I think i'm still going to try with your lion sona but if I have trouble i'll probably draw Goran or Davi/neo!

Also i'd prefer if you didn't venture into the inactive or accepting offers folder if you're looking around for an oc to draw! If you need a suggestion I also saw on your da that lovely orc print you did (i'm high key tempted to get a shirt with that on it wtf) and if you'd be willing to indulge me I actually have an orc character I would love to see in your style! Otherwise i'm cool with you drawing who ever!!


I wouldn’t mind doing both if you’re ok with that c: 

So headshot + chibi, in exchange for headshot + chibi?

If you’re not, that’s completely fine! I’m ok with just doing the headshot trade ^^


Hello! I would be interested in doing a trade and drawing your lion boi <3 Your art is so pretty ;w;

I have examples here that you can look through and see what you like best since I do digital, traditional, and animated stuff ^^ I'm open to pretty much anything!

And you can take a look through my draw me tag and see if there is anyone you would like to draw :D


Aaaa handsome baby! I'll totally draw ur orc! Also I would die for Ena

Sounds good to me :)


Alright! I’ll get sketching then c:


Oh! I love your traditional work!
And I would Big Love to draw this sweetie :0
Or this cutie!


Ahh thank you! I would be happy to do a traditional drawing of him ^^ 

And either of those two is fine with me!! I've been looking for art of Kumova forever so he would be really awesome tho <3 


Honestly #letsdieforena (thank you though!! I'm glad you like her!)

I finished my part of the trade, it's a bit sketchy but I hope you enjoy!! (here's a stash link but it's also in the spoiler below!)



skjdfkjsdf geez you're quick
You made him look so mischievous, I love it :P


Lol yep I don't take a lot of time to do art (don't feel pressured to get your part done quick just because of that, I don't mind waiting a bit!!)

And i'm glad you like it!! I had a blast drawing them!


I got Invested in this babe lol


Finished the headshot! stash link

I should also be able to get the chibi done today too ^^