LF: Art Trades

Posted 1 month, 20 days ago (Edited 1 month, 20 days ago) by yuboremi

Trying to get more art of my kids hh

Offering either a sketchy headshot /lines are of course cleaner than in the example/ or a chibi halfbody


Here's a couple of characters you can choose between if you want to trade


Just comment down below, keep in mind to add examples of your art and what character you want me to draw, also what character you would draw + if you want a headshot or a halfbody!! ^^ I only draw humanoid art so I can't draw anthros, kenomimis are fine though

I won't send my part of the trade until I received yours! Sorry but this is to provide from scammers ;;; I can send WIPs if asked though
+ I'm really patient but please don't take longer than a year or something for your part

I also won't reply to comments, I'll note the people I want to art trade with ^-^

Bella TheShades

Hello! I’d be interested in a trade if you are! Some art of my girl Bella would be great, but anyone in my humanoid folder would be fine.

Here are some art examples: https://sta.sh/2140yvrp0gnh?edit=1


I am interested in a trade, if you don't mind. Examples of my art here https://toyhou.se/Realitea/art