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I've been wanting to get more couple art of my characters lately and I've gotten comfortable enough with drawing multiple characters together that I'm wanting to try doing couple trades.

These are going to be colored sketches, let me know if you want to do bust/ half-body/ or full-body. (please specify just one, I'll be fine with whatever you choose)

I'm all for drawing romantic couples (any orientation is fine)or platonic interactions (or enemies) whatever is all fine, or two separate pieces if you want unrelated characters. Also Humanoid, anthro, and ferals are okay. (I'm best at drawing young adult men/women for humanoids, especially fantasy themed ones).

I'll only draw SFW interactions. You're more then welcome to suggest the pose you want or you can leave it up to me. (hugging, hand holding, cuddling, etc. are cool. I'm currently not comfortable drawing kissing scenes so none of that unfortunately)


12019664_DsN8JsIh94uMEbG.png12114437_mZjFKQ5FB75fr8f.png11998369_ghMv9iicPgJpnn2.pngThese two characters belong to Barbilou


Here's the characters I'm looking to get art of:

Ffaralder (his "colorless" form only) and Valsparra (both male, these two are dating. Ffaralder tends to act indifferent.)

Lochrael and Yulius (both male, these two are married. They're very lovey dovey)

Gwenole and Lucifey (female/ male, these two are dating.)

Kyze and Talon (both males, these two are another lovey dovey pair. Kyze blushes a lot around Talon)

Wyatt and Mallamark (both male, not quite in a relationship but Malla has a big crush on Wyatt and is usually very close to him, Wyatt acts cold but doesn't mind Mallamark's presence)

Kayla and Avene (female/male, these two are dating, they tease each other a lot) (note: Kayla lacks a colored fullbody piece, she does have fullbody sketches so fill free to throw a random color for her outfit)

I'm also willing to do custom designs in trade for couple art:

These are the same flat color sketch style.

  • For a couple bust = I'll do one fullbody customs (like x , x , x )
  • For a couple halfbody = I'll do one fullbody custom with 2 expressions/angles. (like x , x )
  • For a couple fullbody = I'll do two fullbody customs. (these can either be two separate characters or two of the same like x )
I'm most comfortable drawing fantasy themed humanoids, feral characters, and dragons. Here are my design on TH if you want to get a feel for what my designs look like.

Please emphasize details, colors for physical details, desired outfits, etc. 

If I finish my part first, you'll get a heavily watermarked version, and then an unwatermarked once you've finished.

Queue list

no one currently

((I'm going to say it'll take me a max of two weeks to finish my part. I won't hold you to the same period of time, but do let me know if it'll take you an extended period of time to finished))

((I generally work on these art trades on my days off from work, which are typically Tuesdays and Thursdays.))

Finished Trades

DillyDraws -- Finished -- received 

husbrandos -- Finished  -- received 

Realitea -- Finished -- received 


I will be happy to do a trade ^^ 

I haven't done couple art before but I will love to try.

It would be cool to maybe get couple art of Dilly and Ash 

The pose would be them just cuddling that would be either full or half body. But the outfits they would be wearing is the clothes they normal wear sicking to their colours.


DillyDraws I'll add you to my list. I just want to check and see if you want to just do a half body, or fullbody trade? 


LakeLake Hmmm, I would say half body ><


won't ping you this time, but got it.


DillyDraws Here you go - Finished drawing


Done and sent, Sorry it took so long ><


Also Ahhh! I love it! thank you so much ><


DillyDraws they looks super cute. Thank you!

!art + info hub just_jenn

oh DANG i'm in need of some couple stuff, would love to do a trade w you! i'm trying to get in the habit of doing quicker art so i'll do my best to get in my half by the day's end if you're up for an AT! art examples linked in the character thingy! 

i have quite a few romantic pairings (both f/m and m/m), but also some platonic/enemy relations! i'd be up to doing a half or full body!

  • atticus x the black king - m/m, somewhat romantic. more of a master/servant dynamic.
  • austin x clarice - m/f, they're in that awkward beginning stage of their romance with loads of affection but ending up looking silly when they do PDA things lol
  • neil x laurence - m/m, neil is kinda awkward and not good at showing his feelings yet
  • rio x ramón - f/m, rio is kinda creepy and too pushy w/ romance, ramón's more casual and reserved abt it
  • bray + austin - enemies, bray hates austin while aus just wants to be friends!
  • erico + bray - father and son, kinda strained and awkward to be around
  • nightshade + aoiya - just plain ol friends


husbrandos yeah we can do a trade, I think I'll draw Neil and Laurence and I'm fine with doing full bodies.


here's my half!



husbrandos ah they look wonderful. Thank you. 


Am interested, if you don't mind

Examples here: or on my profile


Realitea We can trade. Just send a link for the two characters you want me to draw. edit: Also if you add if you want to do a bust, halfbody, or fullbody trade.



My characters are and  They're siblings, so platonic.  Halfbody, I'll leave the pose up to you

And I'm probably going to draw Kyze and Talon, if that's alright, and if you have a pose you want?