skyrim art trades?

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u'd think TH would've fixed the IC glitch by now--

copying what i wrote on my bulletin: 

i'm on a skyrim high so would anyone be interested in doing art trades involving their skyrim characters? i have r'jhera, sonaire, and valrien to choose from (khajiit, altmer, bosmer respectively), but in terms of what kinda characters i'm willing to draw i'm cool w/ any race/build ect!

just either PM me or comment!

i MAY be picky abt who i do art trades w/ tho as i have style preferences, so pls don't take it personally if i decline an offer of urs ;w;
tho i mean if ur art is clean and u put effort into it, that's good enough for me - i'll likely draw in a similar style to u (eg, draw a chibi get a chibi, draw a bust up, get a bust up - i don't do fullbodies tho)

completed art trades:





Oh man I love r'jhera! It's been so long since i've drawn a khajiit

I have quite a few elder scrolls characters so pick your poision i guess lol

Aaaand i have my art examples right here

Eggdis ohhh i'd love to draw one of ur guys!!! gonna be a tough decision tho i love all of them? i do rly like vinaron and laevin tho 👀


bump !