[LF] Art Trades (Open)

Posted 2 months, 24 days ago (Edited 1 month, 20 days ago) by Maverick_Doom

So, I'm looking for art of some of my OCs and figured I'd put up art trade offers in return. You can reply here or message me directly. If you'd like to chat over Discord instead, let me know and I'll PM you my username.


I expect to receive in return for what you ask of me (Ex. Full Body Digital Colored = A Full Body Digital Colored in return)

I may only accept certain offers for any reason, but I will try to accept all offers.

I am willing to offer more pieces of my art in return for one of yours if you feel that your quality is worth more than one of mine

I will gladly draw gore and the like, NSFW is fine but I'm not the best at anatomy so :/ (If you wish to draw any of my OCs with gore or other, just ask first please)

Ask If I forgot to mention something important, this is my first time and I'm not sure what I'm doing ^-^


Digital and Traditional

Colored (Digital only)

Shaded (Both are experimental)

Headshot up to Full Body with no background


Looking For

Art of these characters

In order of priority, meaning the ones listed first are ones I would prefer over others. That doesn't mean I wont take your offer if you don't' want to draw them, it's just an idea on who I want drawn

If it's a folder you can pick from any of them as they're equally important

Ones separated with a ( - ) are at the same priority level

Some may just be written descriptions (ask if you're unsure and/or if you'd like more info)

Damon - Nikita - Dorian - Zinovia


Caius Wren - Fengrins (some NSFW maybe)

Jaro - Koor

Nooz - Soullurkers- Haptik - Yax


Everyone else

Some Notes if you wish to draw my characters in any other way than innocent/normal.

Please be aware that I'm TOATALY OKAY with you drawing them in other ways. Just please note that some are off limits to certain topics. Just ask if you wish to draw one of my OCs in a non innocent way. This includes gore up to NSFW. 

For gore related topics, as long as it's not sexual in anyway, is A-Okay with me for any of my OCs. Please cut up, mutilate, murder my children. I more than likely wont say no, but please ask first as sometimes I get a little weird mentally and may not want to see a certain character hurt.

For NSFW, there are a select amount of OCs that I'm totally okay with doing whatever. And there are some that are off limits, no buts about it. Some of the others are dependent, so please ask.

For anything else, or if you're not sure, ask. I won't bite. And I may make a list/document that lists out the okays of drawing my characters. Especially if someone asks for a list.

In-Progress Trades

  • none
Completed Trades

I would be interested in doing an art trade with you. My art is here if you want examples https://www.deviantart.com/cheyennesavina/gallery/


Cheyenne-Dra I'd love to do an art trade with you! And sorry for the late reply, work starts early for me. Just a few things; what style would you like from me, what character(s) would you like me to draw, and who of mine would you like to do (or did you want me to pick?). TYSM for your interest! ^-^


No worries. ;) If you could, would do this girl? jessica_the_notochice_queen_by_cheyennes . You can decide how to do her and who you want me to draw.


Cheyenne-Dra I'll do my best with her, and will toss a sketch your way to confirm that everything is looking okay. Would you be up for either Jaro, or Zinovia? I can provide more info on both if necessary. :>


Alright. And I'll go ahead and do Zinovia. I got the perfect idea for a picture for her. ;)


Alright. I finished my end. Hope you like it! ^.^


Cheyenne-Dra She looks fab! TYSM! I should have my part done within the next few days, I apologize for the lateness, work and irl things have been pulling me away from my pc. 


Glad you like it! ^.^ And no worries. Take your time.


Bumping this and tossing a new update here. Due to my often unmotivated state I'll only be taking one active trade at a time. This means, until I finish my part, I won't accept new trades, but will accept the next one ibuprofen line once my part of the previous trade is done, so still feel free to request a trade with me even if my one slot is full :>