Art trades

Posted 14 days, 4 hours ago (Edited 2 days, 8 hours ago) by Hypnotic

Samples - I do Traditional art only! 

I love my OCS and I'm a lot more motivated when swapping art. 

Will accept all offers for trade unless it's something I can't do!

Can't do

- Nsfw, feral, animals, digital art

P.S I try to get art done within 2 weeks at most so if I havent got back to you in that time feel free to message me 

Trade slots

  • 1, Open
  • 2, Open
  • 3, Open
E'layne kitsutea

I have this assassin girl you might be interested in! Thanks for the opportunity ^^


for valentines / couple, i have these two ~ /

Sep YourLoveOnly

My boy Sep's keyword is lazy xDD I would love to be considered! ^^


Update, Still looking!

Completed for Kitsutea and Husbrandos


Octavia ArtisticQueenRaven

If you'd like I have this girl for day 53-fashion 20's if not thanks anyways :D


I didn't intend for this to be a first come first serve thread, but I've loveed every single one of the request so far which is such a rare for me im usually very picky o_O

P.S those i draw for may eventually be coloured for one of the finish/improve days i have, but will be random so not putting up slots for those otherwise expect sketch/pure lineart in various styles at most! Because colouring is like my kryptonite...


I have.... twins...

They’re not identical obviously but I think it’s still pretty clear that they’re twins lol! So I’ll just drop this here just in case :D


Update, searching for Art trades! 

Freebie slots are currently all taken but may have more by end of week, as day themes are released.

Completed! For YourLoveOnly



Hey hey, I would be down for a trade; I don't entirely care which character of mine. I primarily do traditional stuff, but I can also do some okay-ish digital haha. 

Just let me know if you would be interested; and if so, who you would like me to draw of yours!