❤ Sketch trades!!

Posted 2 months, 11 days ago (Edited 2 months, 10 days ago) by Kirbygal

Yay for art trade forum XD oof Archer lol

I wanna do sketch trades, some nice and easy stuff ♡ These'll be open until the 23rd or so; the latter week is my spring break, so I'll have some time to draw c: Sketches can be plain or colored, and will be on white bg. Here's my examples on both below



I will do humans, and I'll attempt anthros~ I mainly do half body for others but we can do Busts if you wish. This time I think I'll take couple requests too :D Here's my couples list; it needs some updating tho ;; 

Comment with 

  • Plain or Color sketch:
  • Which oc(s) Kirbygal should draw:
  • Which of Kirbygal's ocs will you draw (either state a name or keep it a surprise):
I'll accept anyone! I prefer these to be quick since I have limited time but I can be pretty patient. I hope we can trade~ ♡

Here is the stash link for completed trades☆

If you like my art and/or want something cleaner than a sketch, feel free to check out my dA point commissions. Donations are always loved too ^.^


o dang hello there , we meet again!

plain or color: color i thinnnnk? both styles look really nice so i cant choose :’>

Which oc(s) Kirbygal should draw: this garbage man ( https://toyhou.se/663000.brayden-maxwell/gallery#8832154 ) his hair varies a lot but there’s a ton of image refs in his gallery for how it looks!

Which of Kirbygal's ocs will you draw: it’s gonna be a surprise! 


husbrandos :D hi again XD 

Ooo I'd like to draw him, yay~ I can't wait to see who you'll pick c:

Tbh depending if you feel like coloring or not, I'll go based off that too ~ XD 


boop boop i return with a finished piece!


i picked cy cause i was really into his hair color :0 !


husbrandos he looks great :D thankies so much~♡♡ I'm glad you liked his hair lol XD

Here's my part, hope you like ^.^



THERE'S MY HANDSOME MAN!! god he looks so good, tysm ;;


husbrandos you're much welcomed ~! ^.^


Hey hey! I've been taking a look at your stuff, and I would love to do an art trade with you. I can do some digital stuff, but I have more resources to more practice with traditional stuff. If that isn't to your liking, we don't have to do anything. Your call; just let me know!


balladeerbattles Hi~ Sure we can trade, I like traditional art too ^^ Just fill out the short form in the main post with your ocs and if you want a plain or a colored sketch ^^

Ledokol Hi :D I'll take a look through your characters and see which I'll end up drawing~

Thankies both of you for your interests ♡


Kirbygal Alrighty! Sounds like a plan

Sketch type: Plain

Which of my OCs: Suprise me! I love getting suprised!

Which of yours: I also like giving suprises, so I won't tell ya yet, haha


Hey hey! Sent the piece to you; I really loved your gal Francium! Something about her just drew me to her; I hope you like it!



balladeerbattles aw she looks really cute,  thankies so much :D and I'm glad you like her~♡

I drew Fiona for you :D hope you like it; I'll send through transfer too ^^



Aww, I love it! She looks great in your style, thank you so much!


Interested in a trade if you are! Examples of.my art are here https://toyhou.se/Realitea/art

Preferred sketch type: plain

My OCs: https://toyhou.se/Realitea/characters/folder:687399.  (There's only 5, so feel free to pick whomever)

I can draw: Satie? But if you prefer someone  else lemme know