❤ Sketch trades!!

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by Kirbygal

Yay for art trade forum XD oof Archer lol

I wanna do sketch trades, some nice and easy stuff ♡ These'll be open until the 23rd or so; the latter week is my spring break, so I'll have some time to draw c: Sketches can be plain or colored, and will be on white bg. Here's my examples on both below



I will do humans, and I'll attempt anthros~ I mainly do half body for others but we can do Busts if you wish. This time I think I'll take couple requests too :D Here's my couples list; it needs some updating tho ;; 

Comment with 

  • Plain or Color sketch:
  • Which oc(s) Kirbygal should draw:
  • Which of Kirbygal's ocs will you draw (either state a name or keep it a surprise):
I'll accept anyone! I prefer these to be quick since I have limited time but I can be pretty patient. I hope we can trade~ ♡

Here is the stash link for completed trades☆

If you like my art and/or want something cleaner than a sketch, feel free to check out my dA point commissions. Donations are always loved too ^.^


Realitea hi :D We can trade, thankies so much for your interest ^.^

 I'd love for you to draw Satie ; u; ☆ I'll see who I could draw out of your ocs ~


Kirbygal Great! I'll get started on my half tonight


Ledokol It's okay ^^ But yay~☆ I really like it, thankies so much for trading with me~!  :D 

Here's my part below, hope you like it

Link in case pic breaks ;;

I really enjoyed Kirov's character the most and I had fun drawing him ^^;



Alphanix Hi :D Sure we can trade yay~ I'll send you a pm


Kirbygal Ok, I have finished my sketch! How would you like me to send it to you? My default is character transfer, but it's up to you


Ledokol You're much welcomed,  I'm glad you like it ~♡ ^.^

Realitea you can send it through character transfer if you wish ^^ I just uploaded my part on sta.sh here, hope you like it ^^;; I drew Dion 


Plain or Color sketch: colored and shaded with simple-ish background ^^

Which oc(s) Kirbygal should draw: https://toyhou.se/3654229.leo (preferred, but if not you can do https://toyhou.se/2891306.skye . both are male)

Which of Kirbygal's ocs will you draw (either state a name or keep it a surprise): https://toyhou.se/1332023.casanova-hutcherson 


Kirbygal Sent! Thank you for your art, I especially love Dion's expression!


Omgeeve3 hi ^^ we can trade, thankies for your interest~ I'll draw leo for you. What kind of simple-ish background; is it like some random color or shapes or an actual setting? owo just wanna make sure lol

Realitea recieved :D thankies so much for trading with me,  and you're much welcomed,  I'm glad you like it~☆


Kirbygal the background’ll be just some shapes, kinda like this: https://sta.sh/01s8lsh8posz


Omgeeve3 ah that's fine then, thankies~ (I thought I replied to this oof sry it's late ;; )