Art Trades Human/Feral/Anthro (Closed)

Posted 6 months, 3 days ago (Edited 7 hours, 45 minutes ago) by TenMomentsTill

Closed while I finish things up

_FK - halfbodies colour - both done
DEVILPUNCHER - halfbodies - sketching/done
Chemucalshites - halfbodies - not started/done

cinnamon_bun_puff - halfbodies - done/waiting
Bichokun - fullbodies - done/waiting

Howdy, I've been really craving some art trades of late.
Please note that it may take me a bit to finish my part due to work. I will provide WIPs, updates, and send PMs as I go though.
Trades do not have to be a straight across trade (i.e. fullbody for fullbody). 

Art Examples - TH gallery - dA gallery

Characters that I'm looking for art of LINK

Can Draw

Can Draw

- Humans
-Ferals (hooved animals I might not be able to)
-Old/ Older People
- Different Body Types
- Masculine / Feminine
- Gore / Horror
- Can do designs that have nudity to them, but won't do sexual/lewd posing

Offering/Looking For


All of it will be done digitally
o - Fullbodies
o - Halfbodies
o - Headshots
o - Chibis
o - Icons
o - Shaded or Flat colours
o - Willing to do backgrounds

Looking For 

o - Fullbodies
o - Halfbodies
o - Headshots
o - Chibis
o - Icons
o - Pixel Art
o - Watercolour and copic marker traditional art

Recent Art Examples / Past Trades



Morning! I’d be interested in a trade, although I mainly stick to drawing humanoid males!

There aren’t many examples since I haven’t been drawing much recently, so most of the images in my gallery are quite dated : Icon * Bust * Half Body 

If you accept then anyone from here would be fine - thank you for the opportunity! 👋 


_FK Sure thing! Is there any particular type of trade you want to do (headshot, halfbody, etc) ? Also, what character do you want me to draw?

DEVILPUNCHER I'd defintely be down to do a trade with you~ Would trading halfbodies be okay? You're free to pick anyone from here. A good chunk of them are masculine humanoids.



Thanks! Half body color would be good if it's fine with you. 

I leave you the choice to pick one of my characters here


hello there :00 I hope you don’t mind me asking for another trade, your characters and art are so cool

Here are my recent art examples, I’ve been using a new scanner and will be doing it for all future trades:

If you accept, I think she’d look great in your style but if you’re not comfy I’m happy to link you another character! 

thanks for considering~!


Yesss that'd definitely work! My half will be done sometime tonight or tomorrow afternoon, depending on how my classes go~


_FK Coloured halfbodies would work for me. I'll get started on my side once I'm off work. Depending on how things go tonight, I might be able to send you a WIP sketch tonight.

DEVILPUNCHER Coolio~ I'll send you a PM and WIP sketch once I get started on my side.

ChemicalShites I'd be down to do another trade with you and would be willing to draw Manon. Do you have a certain type of trade in mind?


TenMomentsTill I was thinking of a colored halfbody if that’s not too much for me to ask! thanks for accepting~


ChemicalShites A coloured halfbody would work for me. You're free to pick anyone from here to draw~


I just wanted to say I am SO sorry for the wait!! Some IRL stuff got in the way so I haven’t had much time to properly sit down and draw ^^;

Here’s my half - please tell me if anything needs to be changed!



TenMomentsTill finished! I completed this a couple of days ago but didn't have access to my scanner until now which is why it took a bit longer!

I apologise if it doesn't look like him or for any mistakes--