Open for Art Trades!

Posted 2 months, 10 days ago by ShadowSnake

Heyy! I’m looking for art of my characters so im opening art trades!

This is what my art looks like and about what you’d be getting v v v v  more examples here on my DA


The characters you would be drawing would likely be one of these babs Though that may change with what I want at the moment!

If you only draw a certain species or something, tell me and I can give you an oc to fit your preference <3

I can draw most animals and anthros. If you really want me to draw a human I can also try that! (I am also ok with blood and gore if you want)

Comment or PM me if you want to trade!!


Hmmmmm yeah sure!!! I’d totally be up for that :D

What’s your time frame? (Just so I can get my part finished in about the same time)


Hmmmmm awesome! I will get mine done tomorrow then <3 (I’ll be traveling Friday)


Hmmmmm THATS SUPER BEAUTIFUL HOLY HECK, thank you so much for trading with me!!!! I sent you my part, tell me if you got it! 


Hmmmmm awesome, same to you! <3

Puppeteer BugInTheWater

Hi! I'd love to do Spencer if you want to do this child <3


BugInTheWater I’d love to do that! That’s a neat character <3

I’m excited to see you do Spencer, I can start my part later today probably


Alright! I'll go ahead and get started <3

One thing though, I'm not available on weekends so I go before you're done I'll be able to see it Monday! <3


BugInTheWater okay, no problem! :D


I draw quick, so I just uploaded my side~


BugInTheWater that’s super cute!! Thank you! <3 <3