Open for Art Trades!

Posted 2 months, 10 days ago by ShadowSnake

Heyy! I’m looking for art of my characters so im opening art trades!

This is what my art looks like and about what you’d be getting v v v v  more examples here on my DA


The characters you would be drawing would likely be one of these babs Though that may change with what I want at the moment!

If you only draw a certain species or something, tell me and I can give you an oc to fit your preference <3

I can draw most animals and anthros. If you really want me to draw a human I can also try that! (I am also ok with blood and gore if you want)

Comment or PM me if you want to trade!!


BugInTheWater I just finished my part and sent it to you! Tell me if you get it, and thanks for trading with me <3


Hiya, all your charas so cute. Mind if I do Kirby or Akra in exchange for or


Amenyx thank you! Yeah for sure! I will do Clo if that’s ok with you? (I really love him lol)

You can choose whichever you want to do! <3 it may take me a little extra time to finish it because I have a few commissions I need to do, but it shouldn’t take too long :D


sure no worries man. Edit: You mind if i do one more but together with my character


Amenyx You mean you want to draw one of my characters with one of your characters? Yeah, go ahead, that’s fine with me! :)


All right, all done, uploading now



They’re so adorable!!!  TYSM! I love all of them to death ;w;

(Ill be sure to get yours done soon!)


No worries man, i had fun drawing them. Especially Nyx with Amenyx, sweater buddies ;3


Amenyx I’ve finished my part! I hope you like it! <3 <3

(Also, yes, I love the sweater buddies! Perfect together)

I was unable to post the high quality picture on here because it was too big, so you can download it on my DA if you want :D


I love it, he's perfect :'0