Couple art trade!

Posted 6 days, 2 hours ago by banANNUmon

Couple art for couple art!  I would like to find people who are couple drawing any gendered couple (m/m, f/f, m/f), because I've got a looooot of kiddos that need some doodles ♥

Here are some examples of my art:

dc6yssn-ad5a4323-5bbb-48dd-a585-f92f243bdc59nr0-b4361a8b-6536-4dbf-8208-2d83cb3ccustom_3_by_banannumonster_dd1n8co-pre.jI'm okay doing chibis, fullbodies, headshots, even pixels if you'd like!  As long as you provide an equal payment, you're free to choose whatever you'd like from me u v u /)  Just comment below if you're interested, and I'll respond to those I'd like to trade with ♥


Hey! I would try an art trade with ya if you were interested. My style is varying at the moment but ahhh some older examples are here: X 

(I realize I need to find somewhere to stash my examples...meh)


Your art is really nice, I'd like to trade with you ~ ^^

Here are my art examples; I mainly draw Halfbodies for others. Thankies if you consider ~☆


heya, my art is more geared towards males, jsyk! here's some examples 👍


I’m interested in you chibi or headshot!

For my part I can do chibi like this in exchange c: 

Lady Rosalind Goldhand BandanaPirate

I'd love to do an art trade with you! I have a lady and her new girlfriend who need drawing (the girlfriend is in her links).

I can do couples chibis for you!


Yeah I would love to trade with you!!

Here’s example of my art , its not the best but I’ll try my best!


Am interested! Examples of my artwork


Do you draw anthros? I'd like to offer, but my couples mostly are anthros....