Awt twades?????????? [open]

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by zinnia

i havent been drawing much at all because of illness + no motivation and it SUCKS because when i dont draw i just end up feeling worse so. lets do an art trade so i dont have an excuse not to draw dfghj

these are pretty chill and just kinda. throw your characters at me and ill throw them at you .

its me and im attached to the same cast as always so heres my dudes, feel free to pick for yourself because if i choose ill just pick favorites :pensive:



(first char belongs to .rav3n)

two style on offer, first is binary tool and 'lazy shaded' , im not picky at all with it
second style im more picky on just because i takes a lot more energy for me to draw bc of Fun Chronic Illness so i cant do it for a bunch of people all at once, sorry ;w;

i can draw humans,anthros, or ferals ^^
i prefer gals/feminine chars for humans but Please force me to learn how to draw a man

k thats its i just need a personal excuse to draw again.........


:'D hhh would you be interested in a trade with me? here is my art style


spincho oh i luv your artstyle + icon.........

i can draw in whichever style you'd prefer ^^! what chars would you want me to draw ?


RAD ok anyone from here in your binary tool style is great thank you :')

i'll draw kitsu if thats ok??


spincho yea thats cool !! ill probs be able to work on it tomorrow :0!!


spincho funky cat dude...............



oh my god i LOVE HIM tysmmmm <3333 

i'm so happy you drew spiggle :'D 

anyways here is yours!!


spincho (one last @ i hope you dont mind - !)

I LOV!!!!! TYSM : D!! knife fox...............


*Sees Sapphire* I want to draw her so bad!

I currently don't have any examples of my style yet but I would love to have the chance to draw her! I just wanted to tell you ahead of time in case you closed the art trades. ;w; 


ShimaSheep dw man trades are always open :0!!