(Traditional) Art Trades

Posted 7 days, 19 hours ago by BunBoiBun

Hey!!! I need something to do at school and usually I never know what to draw. So I'd like to be able to do art trades where MY SIDE is traditional. Doesn't matter if your side is digital or traditional <3

LOOKING FOR; Couple art!!!! (humanoid and anthro), chibis, pixel icons!!!, And pretty much anything else!

For my examples, please take a look at my art tab! I can do headshot to full body, sketch to full color and singular or couple.

Characters I REALLY want drawn;

Mel - Diablo - Miiko 

((Can't link right now since I'm on mobile sorry))

You don't have to draw these characters in particular! I have many ocs that need art.

Please fill out this form in the comments!!


What you're offering;

What you want from me;

Oc(s) you want to draw;

Oc(s) you want drawn;

Any extra notes;


What you're offering; Traditional full body or Chibi, colour or lines [art tag or DA]

What you want from me; Same

Oc(s) you want to draw; Diablo, I love his design

Oc(s) you want drawn; Any of my OCS with less art, I'm not picky though if one of others interest more

Any extra notes; I'm up for any trade, so if want to do less or such let me know I'm happy to match whatever you want to draw