lf art trades!

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago (Edited 1 month, 22 days ago) by Growl

hey my brain isnt working rn idk why i decided to make this thread now of all times maybe just before i could forget? anyways i was hoping to get some art trades bc i want art of my characters but feel bad asking for free art egehegeh

i'll largely draw busts and waist-ups, colored coz those are what im most confident with. i can try n draw fullbodies tho, just specify that u want one n ill tell you if i think i can

current trades going on:
StelliformSouls - fullbody for fullbody

these characters are in dire need of art:
my furbysona, cimyk, and either of my dragonsonas
these anthros: barracuda + dragon + dog/fox?
these ferals: cat + masked thing
these humanoids: zeadra
monsters: fink + brad + reid

and id just plain love art of:
any of my other sonas
these anthros: goat + rhino + cat + protogen
these humanoids: zephyrus + kazuo + kiran
these monsters: hugo + arlo
these fancharacters: hs fankid 1 + 2 + hs fantroll + pkmn gijinka

my specialty lies in drawing furries and monsters, as well as ferals. i cant draw humans very well but can give it a shot.

check out more examples here: https://toyhou.se/Growl/art thanks for checking my thread out





hey old man u wanna art trade with me? ur designs are spicy I wanna draw them >:)


EGGEBGER hi cole i would love to art trade with u but u have to stop calling me old man!! (jk its funny)

pm me so we can discuss characters n specifics n such >:3c


Melia forgot to ping u sorry i have cdbd (chronic dumb bastard disorder)


Nonacrone oh wow, i'd love to dfo an art trade with you!! pm me and i'd be glad to talk out details :D


im # in love with zeadra so I would really like to do an art trade!!
https://toyhou.se/StelliformSouls/art <


StelliformSouls oh, WEEPS, i'd love to get art of zeadra from you, she would be so cute in ur style!!! pm me n we can talk out details of what youd like n how much we should draw n stuff!


Oh darn hi ! i'd love to art trade w you ! :0 i can offer like, a colored bust shot !