[Bug] Minor formatting issue on mobile?

Posted 4 months, 26 days ago (Edited 4 months, 26 days ago) by MasterShortpants

Forgot to check the Mobile Update Issues thread before posting this - My bad! Locking this thread but keeping it up for staff or others who might wish to reference it, since I threw in some additional device and browser data regarding its occurrence. Thanks for your patience!


Just something I noticed while browsing the forums on my phone! The Help & Questions forum, when viewed in portrait mode, seems to behave a bit oddly:


As can be seen in this screenshot, the threads are stuffed into about two thirds of the screen on the left, with the rest of the screen being taken up by a blank space. The post counts and most recent posts can still be viewed by scrolling to the side, as on other forums, but they remain squished into this smaller space.

For comparison, the remainder of the forums appear as follows (using the Suggestions & Bugs forum as an example), with no blank space:


This problem only seems to appear in portrait mode, as rotating my phone to landscape gives a full view of the forums without any unusual blank space on the page; when rotated back to portrait, however, they return to being squished and this space appears again.

With regards to device and browser being used, I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 12.2, on the current version of Safari - I’ve yet to check other browsers, as the only other one I have on this device emulates a desktop browser (which I’ve had no issues with) for loading sites, but I’ll try to download a different one to check and see if it occurs on others, and update this thread with the results! The more info the better, right?

Obviously, this isn’t a huge deal, as you can still get to the threads, view the post counts and newest posts, etc. by scrolling the visible section horizontally; just something I happened to notice and thought I should report, so you could look into it if you had the chance between other stuff!

Update: Just downloaded the most recent version of Firefox from the App Store and tested it there as well - The same issue occurs on that browser as well. No such issues on my iPad, however. Also I just noticed that this was posted about on the Mobile Update Issues thread and I just forgot to check, so I’ll be locking this thread and just keeping it up for reference purposes to those who might need it!