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Brand New To-Do List & Suggestions Thread to go with the new site update. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  • Literature Submissions
    • QoL updates later
    • individual warnings for chapters
  • Forum Layout
    • Sidebar changes.
  • Artists / Design updates. 
    • Ability to mark/rearrange the "Design" and "Art" gallery on artist end.
    • Multiple credits (I swear this was already implemented but I guess not ???)
  • PM Inbox general usability fixes.
  • Character Page QoL
    • A customizable section for images with a editable title. Used for "Reference" images or whatever else.
  • Character Links
    • Probably have to rebuild the entire feature...
  • More site color themes.
    • Probably not a customizable version, but maybe we'll run a community choice and pick 3 or 4 themes?
  • QoL
    • Toggleable...sections...for profiles...for everything ...
    • probably just more toggles in general, toggles everywhere
    • Sorting options for characters and images. (IE. by upload date or by alphabet)
    • Time Zone Settings
    • "Next Character" on character pages, or something similar.
    • "View as Guest" option for character pages.
    • Visited Link = different color.
    • Editor color options (IE. darker so blazing white doesn't burn eyes)
    • IC Character selection options / ordering

Last Updated: 03/17.19


I'm really excited to see this thread get filled! To do lists make me happy


Deleting threads? <3

Edit: Also, I don't know if it would be in here or elsewhere, but I would love if somebody could keep us updated to avoid confusion, such as~

-Changed bumping and double posting function
-Temporarily disabling thumbnail cropper
-Aware of this bug, looking into it 



@Fehnryr Do you mean ...something like a patch notes? I'll ask Lulu if she's up for it, but no promises.


minsu, yeah, I suppose that's what that would be :3 For example, I saw a response (possibly from you?) in the thread about the bumping feature, announcing the change and the reason behind it. I just think it would be handy to have a central spot for that ^^ (Especially since as soon as something disappears, there are four threads about it xD LIke the thumbnail cropping)

Might cut down on tickets or new suggestion threads, but either way, everything seems to be going very well! If it's more work for you guys, don't worry about it <3


If we're talking about suggestions I've got a few (some taken from the old list.)

Divide the World thread into World and Roleplay. I've noticed that it's very hard to find a World because they get overrun with seeking roleplays and it would be nice if the two had different areas. Most of the time seeking roleplays are for 1x1 - which is great - but I'd love for Worlds to be highlighted and given more love since I (personally) find the feature really cool.

Also, I haven't gone poking around in them yet since before the update but fixing up the worlds to be more useful/user friendly would be great as well.

Being able to give small blurbs about what the folders are. The 20 character limit in folder titles kills me every time aha... (I just went to fix a typo in a folder title and saw the burb option, score!) Also, organizing characters into more than one folder I know has been requested a lot. Also possibly custom folder icons! It could be for a set size so you couldn't go bigger/smaller than the folder sizes we have now, but users could pretty them up how they wanted to or something.(Even if this was to be a perk of being a premium member!)

Literature pages. I'm more of a writer than an artist so I do... lot of writing over drawing and commissioning artwork.

I could probably think of more but not right now off the top of my head.


I second literature pages, please, I'm suffering.


+1 For literature submissions and Custom folder icons! * u*

I also remember someone mentioning a family tree feature of the sorts..? Not sure how it would work but I think it would be neat thing to have if possible in the future c:!

Looking forward to the new to-do list!


OH! Per-character image settings!

Different descs for different characters. Or different thumbs for different characters. Or different privacy settings for different characters. That'd be nice


TheLadyAnatola Seconding this! I also make heavy use of the Links feature, and having icons at full size makes the Links page pretty unappealing. I love my OCs' faces and all, but when they take up half of the screen when looking through their 20+ links it's just... really clunky. I feel like it's something that makes it even harder to convince readers to check out all of the work you put into their links since it makes the Links page look 10,000 times longer!

From the last thread I'd also still like to see more levels to blocking! AKA being able to have the current method of blocking, but also having a "soft block" where posts are just spoilered out (like before the update) and the soft-blocked person can still interact with you without getting a message that they've been blocked, allowing people to safely avoid said person's posts without the risks that come from making it extremely clear that you've blocked them. Like, I can't really block anyone ever and feel safe about it because I run so many threads; anyone who plays a lot of forum games would instantly know. Just because someone makes me nervous and I don't want to see their posts doesn't mean I want to broadcast my wariness toward them right into their eye sockets, ya feel?? I don't want to cause drama or lock someone out of their favorite forum game just because something about them puts me on-edge.

Also seconding what bandit1971 said! There's nothing wrong with 1x1 RP requests but for as long as I've been on this website I've never really seen a lot of talk about Worlds on the Worlds because it all gets drowned out by RP requests (which often don't even use private Worlds, just like Discord or something). I think it would be extremely useful to have a specific RP Request board to allow the Worlds board to focus on developing Worlds, showing them off, and organizing group stuff!


The basic info field is a lil tedious to follow for me and some other people ive asked, would it be possible to stripe it like this or something else to make it less straining to following along? Thanks for reading!!! Loving the update guys



Hey uh...

Is there a way to add the ability to add designers on designs you didnt create? Because a friend and i noticed that we cant add a designer if we are not the creator.

Good in theory, except that if you add the creator and they accept it while youre still adding designers, you're SOL. 

And i like adding people who like... make AU versions of my OCs and stuff