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Brand New To-Do List & Suggestions Thread to go with the new site update. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  • Literature Submissions
    • QoL updates later
    • individual warnings for chapters
  • Forum Layout
    • Sidebar changes.
  • Artists / Design updates. 
    • Ability to mark/rearrange the "Design" and "Art" gallery on artist end.
    • Multiple credits (I swear this was already implemented but I guess not ???)
  • PM Inbox general usability fixes.
  • Character Page QoL
    • A customizable section for images with a editable title. Used for "Reference" images or whatever else.
  • Character Links
    • Probably have to rebuild the entire feature...
  • More site color themes.
    • Probably not a customizable version, but maybe we'll run a community choice and pick 3 or 4 themes?
  • QoL
    • Toggleable...sections...for profiles...for everything ...
    • probably just more toggles in general, toggles everywhere
    • Sorting options for characters and images. (IE. by upload date or by alphabet)
    • Time Zone Settings
    • "Next Character" on character pages, or something similar.
    • "View as Guest" option for character pages.
    • Visited Link = different color.
    • Editor color options (IE. darker so blazing white doesn't burn eyes)
    • IC Character selection options / ordering

Last Updated: 03/17.19


Somewhat a personal pet peeve, I suppose.

I don't use the WYSIWYG editor since almost all of the changes to my posts I want to do, I know the coding for. Same with character profiles - especially because I enjoy being able to use HTML (and eventually CSS.) However, I have noted in a lot of cases that a new paragraph (or line) break removes whatever coding I was using beforehand.

Point and case, I just went to completely strikeout a bug report post of mine so it was still readable but no longer an active issue. However, in order to do so I had to manually strike out each new section - which is messy and a little redundant. I've tried doing font size changes before on character profiles with HTML and it became more of a hassle to (even by copy+pasting) entering the code before each new section only to have to do it all over again for the next one.

Is it possible to... change how that works? I've been other places where it isn't so much of an issue so I've been having to re-teach myself to just not use any of the more (simple, but effective) useful HTML codes I know how to do.

As a side note, it seems that the paragraph breaks in the gallery descriptions are actually a smaller break distance then the line break ones are. Not sure if this was intentional or not but if you use a line break it seems to show more along the lines of two paragraph breaks of space. Or a paragraph and line break paired together, maybe? (Either way, the gap is much larger than in other locations.

(And another thing because I am apparently fussy, aha. I would love if your posts had a preview option? It's been ages since I had WYSIWYG turned on because - as mentioned - I prefer to be able to use HTML and such on character profiles and it will break them, but I am almost positive that the WYSIWYG (older) mode had a preview option? Honestly I'm less worried about it for character profiles but I have been known to completely forget to add things like a paragraph break to my general posts and have to go back in and re-add them. Being able to preview at least our forum posts while not using WYSIWYG would be fantastic to have.)


Thumbnailer still isn't letting me crop certain images! Someone mentioned it was only images below 200px in height or width, but I have images bigger and I still can't crop them.

http://toyhou.se/725506.ciaran/gallery The three at the end of here, along with a bunch of others across my characters.


this has been noted in the CSS board and here but I haven't seen anyone mention it in this thread yet. anchors appear to be broken in CSS themes, is this something the coders are intending to fix or should we look for a workaround?

e: omgimsogladtheanchorsthingisgoingtobefixed


I want literature submissions sooo bad.

Also, family trees would be the coolest thing ever because I use those a lot with my characters!!


vrakali a family tree thing actually sounds really cool


*slides u a ruble* please make literature submissions a thing, i have so much writing. plz. 

Also this has probably been addressed numerous time but multiple image uploading for a character.
Please. I am an art hoarder.


 Would it be possible to put the character links back in alphabetical order like they were before the update? I personally don't like it being in order of the links being added, as it really bugs me not being alphabetised and it feels sloppy ;v;'
Or maybe there could at least be an option in account settings to have change it, so each user can choose what they prefer?  


I was just about to comment on the Links ordering as well. I just noticed they're not in alphabetical order anymore, and while this could be a good thing if you'd prefer to sort them by your own preference (like more important links to that character being at the top), there isn't any way to sort them aside from whatever order you created them in yet. I think it would be a good idea to have the option to have them in order created, alphabetical, or custom ordered where you can drag them in whatever order you want (preferably in an edit mode of some kind, because some of my characters have multiple pages of links so dragging them to another page could be impossible without a different manner to list them out).


World notifications to appear in the inbox instead of only being in the world-specific inbox! I just found a message from May 25th in one of my worlds that I missed because I didn't get a notification   

edit: also! the ability to make stickied threads in world forums? 


I'd love to see "stickied" characters! Like we can pin a certain character to the top of the folder and such!


Ah! Back with world suggestions.. the recent activity box is nice for the front page- but a way to turn that off? For empty pages or ones with text it makes sense to keep it listed for quick finds, but with coding and a decorated front page it looks.. a bit weird. 


Can we have the edit image buttons on the image sorting page as well pls? I was dating my images and dragging them in the right order in the same breath but now I can't.