[READ] To-Do List

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Brand New To-Do List & Suggestions Thread to go with the new site update. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  • Literature Submissions
    • QoL updates later
    • individual warnings for chapters
  • Forum Layout
    • Sidebar changes.
  • Artists / Design updates. 
    • Ability to mark/rearrange the "Design" and "Art" gallery on artist end.
    • Multiple credits (I swear this was already implemented but I guess not ???)
  • PM Inbox general usability fixes.
  • Character Page QoL
    • A customizable section for images with a editable title. Used for "Reference" images or whatever else.
  • Character Links
    • Probably have to rebuild the entire feature...
  • More site color themes.
    • Probably not a customizable version, but maybe we'll run a community choice and pick 3 or 4 themes?
  • QoL
    • Toggleable...sections...for profiles...for everything ...
    • probably just more toggles in general, toggles everywhere
    • Sorting options for characters and images. (IE. by upload date or by alphabet)
    • Time Zone Settings
    • "Next Character" on character pages, or something similar.
    • "View as Guest" option for character pages.
    • Visited Link = different color.
    • Editor color options (IE. darker so blazing white doesn't burn eyes)
    • IC Character selection options / ordering

Last Updated: 03/17.19


StrawberryLunala Oh that's marvelous, thank you kindly!


did the ability to use custom HTML in threads (i.e., collapses, carousels) get removed?

because i've just noticed a lot of threads i had used them on are now very, very broken which kinda sucks. i know they were working for a bit 


[Suggestion] I don't know if this has already been suggested but it would be nice to be able to upload more than one picture at a time,


(Bug? Suggestion?) Forgive me if this was mentioned somewhere, I need to get up to date with abbreviation lingo ^^

I noticed for a while there were separate tags allowed on Split tab characters; now since the maintenance any tags remain but cannot be altered at all and only viewed in tag manager. Is this a bug or an intentional feature as I would really like to see that back for characters in multiple universes.

Thank you so much for all your hard work!


just a small qol suggestion that probably doesn't deserve its own thread, but i'd love the ability to rename existing tags!

brought to you by someone who mass-added an "18+" tag before realizing the + wouldn't actually show up and really didn't want to go through and figure out who was an adult and click them all again and again to remove that one and then add a new tag

thank you!


lilligant Although a feature like this would indeed be amazing, a quick fix for now is to filter in on the characters tagged with the faulty tag, select all, add the new tag, select all again, and remove the old tag.

If that makes sense


Vagevurig ahhh thank you so much!! someone else PMed me with the tip too, that's a really useful way to do it that hadn't occurred to me—STILL MORE STEPS THAN I WANT but!! at least i can do this reorganizing in the meantime haha, thank you!!!!


Small suggestion hopefully,

I think it would be nice to be notified when someone I'm subbed to got a character via transfer. nvn/? Instead of just creation. 


I second Trundlebug's suggestion.


Hey!! Small suggestion-- it's probably been asked for before but... what if we had a setting that hid your activity? Some people don't typically like people knowing when they're last online for personal or security reasons-- so just putting it out there!


I don't know if this has been suggested before... but I'd love to change Creation Date of a character, I know the date it's when you submit for the first time, maybe it can be two dates: "Submitted date" (when you create them page) and a Creation date, where you can change and specific. Since I have old characters and I don't want to forget "their birthdays" ;; by the way I love this site, thanks for everything!


not sure if this was suggested before but can we please be able to upload larger image files i would hate to always have to go through and lower the quality of an image just to be able to upload it


Please add an edit button directly on a world's pages . . . please . . .