[READ] To-Do List

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Brand New To-Do List & Suggestions Thread to go with the new site update. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  • Literature Submissions
    • QoL updates later
    • individual warnings for chapters
  • Forum Layout
    • Sidebar changes.
  • Artists / Design updates. 
    • Ability to mark/rearrange the "Design" and "Art" gallery on artist end.
    • Multiple credits (I swear this was already implemented but I guess not ???)
  • PM Inbox general usability fixes.
  • Character Page QoL
    • A customizable section for images with a editable title. Used for "Reference" images or whatever else.
  • Character Links
    • Probably have to rebuild the entire feature...
  • More site color themes.
    • Probably not a customizable version, but maybe we'll run a community choice and pick 3 or 4 themes?
  • QoL
    • Toggleable...sections...for profiles...for everything ...
    • probably just more toggles in general, toggles everywhere
    • Sorting options for characters and images. (IE. by upload date or by alphabet)
    • Time Zone Settings
    • "Next Character" on character pages, or something similar.
    • "View as Guest" option for character pages.
    • Visited Link = different color.
    • Editor color options (IE. darker so blazing white doesn't burn eyes)
    • IC Character selection options / ordering

Last Updated: 03/17.19


I second amymist on tagging tabs


kittie It's the very last item on the list c:

(which, I'm sure, isn't ordered by how important it is)


Is there a to-do for bulk uploads? I have so much art of certain characters that doing it all individually would take forever. 😥


Small QoL suggestion? WYSIWYG on/off toggle somewhere on the Edit Thread page? :,3 (th users just love toggles)


I don't think this is necessary, but what about a "unknown" option for creator assignment, or simply being able to not put a creator when a character's original creator is unknown ?

i've seen a lot (and also get some on the past) of character with an unknown creator.


should totally do video submissions too.

So people can upload speedpaints/animations they got of their characters


Pepperly More toggles, got it!

@VL-TS Initially, we consciously chose not to add this option to force people to try and credit artists or not upload the art. Unfortunately, people are obviously finding work arounds. I don't think we'll add this as a feature but we'll probably look into how we can further encourage people to credit properly...

@PirateCaptainLuffy ... I don't...think this will happen haha, but never say never!

kittie Will ask coders about viability. :o


I've seen this "bug" more often than expected, but as a suggestion for phone/tablet users, the ability for TH to read exif data and save the image rotation properly on-site?


Hey! This is a little peeve of mine, and I'm not sure if its already been said, but is there a possibility you can add a search bar to the forums? Something like on dA or FA, where you can search up a specific word/phrase and all the forums containing that word will come up? That would be really nice--



The search function already exists, it only works for premium users though as it's really server heavy and making it available for all wouldn't work at the moment.