Stickied Thread Requests

Posted 2 years, 21 days ago by admin

Post here to suggest threads to be stickied. Please include the following information:

  1. Link to thread / Which subforum it is in
  2. Reason why you think thread should be stickied.

Very useful thread to anyone new to Toyhouse and needs help getting around. 

Azrael /To possibly somewhere in the commerce area? 

Generally useful thread for everyone! :D


Would be cool to get this thread stickied -

It's a thread where people can get their worlds featured to circumvent the lack of world browsing on here, so that people can still find cool worlds to join <:


1. Maybe this request thread from the Art Marketplace ^^?

2. For Artists who are struggling to get by, I think it would be useful in helping seperate 'LF: free art' from Artshops!  I believe this thread should be stickied as it is a marketplace, and often times I see in Forums that art requests are in their own subforum away from the shops, such as in Gaiaonline. I also think the thread itself has some nice guidelines/ettiquite itself to help moderate requests, such as it's no placing monetary value on art you recived for free, or being rude about 'free' art.

-Thanks for considering :D!


My biggest suggestion currently is the unnamed char suggestion thread in char discussion

people use it a lot and it'd just generally be a good thing for people to easily access :)


As a center for code requests, since whenever the thread was buried, there were a lot of one-two post threads of: "I need a code" while people tend to watch/give on the central thread more actively.


How about this one?

It's really important that people know what's ok and not ok to do with paypal as it is generally what is used for transaction on here. A lot of people demand that their customers pay the fee when that's against the rules and can get them in big trouble.


I second DivviviaOlexiusG's recommendation of the Paypal Fee PSA!

A lot of users on TH buy and/or sell designs and/or art using PayPal, but a lot of people ask/demand that the customer pays the fee, not realizing that they cannot do that. Making the PP Fee PSA easy to see/access could prevent a lot of this by a) letting sellers see that they cannot ask for the fee from the customer and b) give the customer easy access to the thread so that they can link it to a seller if need be.

I'm not sure which subforum is would be in, but maybe General or Art Marketplace? I know that PSA's usually go in Service Reviews, but it's not exactly a review...


Since it's a question I, and I'm sure many others get asked a lot. Could we perhaps pin this in HTML & CSS ?


I feel like the Net Neutrality thread of Ollieosa should be stickied as the topic is rather important for everyone.


This thread is located in adoption center.

This thread allows different users to advertise their character Sales and trades.This thread would function as a one big forum located in one thread also this would allow potential customers to find the desired character. Promotion of this thread would result in increase on the interest on the character Sales or trades.


In general - and because it details a recent security leak in p mucj every PC, why its bad and why users need to update their devices