Stickied Thread Requests

Posted 2 years, 20 days ago by admin

Post here to suggest threads to be stickied. Please include the following information:

  1. Link to thread / Which subforum it is in
  2. Reason why you think thread should be stickied.

I'm not sure why this isn't stickied in the Character Discussion board anymore, but it should be; it's a list of very useful character development resources.


hate to ask about my own topic, but..

Maybe this? its relevant I think. I'd hate to see someone get their acc frozen or something on DA due to not knowing the rules.


This thread have been quite inactive, but I can definitely suggest moving and making it a sticky in "Art Freebies":

There's been a lot of "LF: Free art/draw my OC" in the section lately that it's quite hard to navigate for actual freebies/art trades threads, plus I think it's better to sticky it too so people can look at what characters they can draw in one place


big code resource o/


This contains an important note about skipping people in forum games


This is a very recent one that I've just made, but the reason why I'm requesting it to be stickied in the general subforum is because there are a lot of Fandom-based discussion threads that have been posted here, the majority of them which get so easily buried that it's hard to navigate these sorts of threads. I hope this is helpfulĀ for those who are seeking to discuss about their fandoms in threads like these. :^3


I made a guide on how worlds work, since there's a lot of confusion on them from newer members, and was hoping to get it stickied in the Worlds forum!


Idk if you can suggest threads that aren't yours, but this is a seeking masterthread and seems like it could be useful!