[MOBILE] Site Update Issues

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Is mobile your primary method of using TH?

131 Votes Yes - iPhone
170 Votes Yes - Android
5 Votes Yes - Other Phone OS
5 Votes Yes - Table (windows)
42 Votes Yes - iPad
5 Votes Yes - Other (please comment in thread!)
174 Votes No

Hello mobile TH users! In an effort to consolodate mobile issues and make it easier for us to deal with, please submit all your issues to this thread.

Known Issues:

  • Scrolling Issues
  • General WYSIWG problems

Mobile TH is very wonky right now. We're sorry for the trouble and will work hard to fix it.


My main issue with the mobile site is now how much it squashes everything, images, coding, whatnot. As well as the toggles (ooc, ic for example) not working.

I use mobile almost 90% of the time, but it's possible I've not seen other issues or had no run in with them.


Scrolling in character image gallery won't work very well on mobile. But I think it's only when you try to scroll on the pictures? Because it thinks you want to drag the pics to fix the order maybe, but that doesn't work? I wish there was a way to rearrange them on mobile.


I use both PC and mobile interchangably throughout the day. and I have to say so far the mobile site has worked so much better for me then it used to, so kudos for that! I'll try and be more mindful of any issues i come across though in the future and mention them here whenever I'm on my droid <3


The switches (OOC/vs IC for instance) don't work from my iPhone. I'll test on other devices though to see if there's any other mobile OS it doesn't work on.



Ive got this happening with forums with more than 8-10 pages! I have to swap to desktop version to see them all.


I don't primarily use TH on my iphone, but i like to check the forums on it sometimes. It seems like the create thread button is blocking the threads. 


So far it's working perfectly on desktop, though!


So, I use "mobile" on two devices; my tablet and my iPhone. But I guess my tablet would more be considered "Desktop" since it appears pretty much the same as when TH loads on my computer. (My laptop is pretty much toast, so I'm always on mobile). On my phone, the character profile pages are really odd, with all of the "Basic info" things being horizontally displayed across the screen, going through the "profile" and "gallery" sections. And then the gallery appears in one long row of horizontal images instead of three columns of images going down as it does on my tablet. It's also really hard to edit the pages because the section to edit the text is squashed (and again displayed horizontally... ~w~"). I always edit characters' profiles on my phone, since my tablet lags constantly and doesn't have the < and > symbols for coding. ^^"

Otherwise, I'm not experiencing any problems other than layout issues. And the site looks really nice on desktop and functions wonderfully even on my almost dead laptop.


@vaxmore Ah, yes that is indeed an error. Could you send in a ticket if you encounter it again with the full error list if possible? Makes it easier to track down the problem!


I primarily use my iPad, and it won't allow me to use the OOC/IC feature when posting. I've read this is happening for others though, so it must pretty much be for everyone that isn't on a laptop/computer. :/


Autocorrect nonlinger works.

My phone is running on an Android OS (specific model is ZTE Maven Z812). Ive noticed since the major update/face lift the site received, that autocorrect doesnt work on this site angnore. It doesnt even show up on the screens keyvoaed like it usually does.



I am having the same issue as Christo -- I thought I was just being a lot worse at swyping, but if I'm typing on dA or anywhere else, my text autocorrects.

I do get my autocorrect function but only if i move the cursor into the middle of the word and wait a bit.

Also also!!
sometimes, if i copy someone's username and paste, the whole WYSIWYG editor freezes so i have to try and copy my text and then reload the thread. 


Using mobile on a Samsung note 5 (chrome browser), cant open up image full views cause as soon as i tap it switches to dragging the image to rearrange it (is there a way to make it less sensitive to movement initially? i try not to wiggle my finger when i tap but it still happens. super cool that feature works on mobile now, though!)