[MOBILE] Site Update Issues

Posted 2 years, 17 days ago (Edited 2 years, 17 days ago) by admin

Is mobile your primary method of using TH?

140 Votes Yes - iPhone
177 Votes Yes - Android
5 Votes Yes - Other Phone OS
5 Votes Yes - Table (windows)
46 Votes Yes - iPad
5 Votes Yes - Other (please comment in thread!)
177 Votes No

Hello mobile TH users! In an effort to consolodate mobile issues and make it easier for us to deal with, please submit all your issues to this thread.

Known Issues:

  • Scrolling Issues
  • General WYSIWG problems

Mobile TH is very wonky right now. We're sorry for the trouble and will work hard to fix it.



i think thats actually happening for everyone? ive been seeing people say that toyhouse is glitching/lagging; i dont think theres anything we can do about it :o


i cant go to my notifications on mobile, it redirects me to the home page :"0


I’m sorry beforehand if im repeating all that’s already been said but when i’m editing my character’s profiles after a little bit it starts to lag a lot so i can’t scroll and i have to copy all of the changes i’ve made and reload the page.


I don't know if this is a bug or what but the new help/questions board looks a little funny compared to the other boards.

Help/Questions: https://i.imgur.com/9tCix3p.jpg vs Suggestions: https://i.imgur.com/GwqyDJu.jpg


Just posting to corroborate BlueRocketMouse’s experience regarding the Help & Questions board - I forgot to check here first, but I posted a thread detailing my own experience with it, including information the browsers, OS, and device it occurred on while I was checking it out, as well as noting that, in my experience at least, it only seemed to occur in portrait mode :0


Hey I just wanted to point out that a similar problem occurred on the character swap subforum a while ago at the time that this happened, so this isn't a new issue, although I think I should agree that the help subforum looks very wonky on mobile when on portrait mode.


hey there! I hope I'm not repeating a subject adressed before but I have lots of problems editing character profiles on my phone, I can't manage to copy and paste profile codes and apparently can only write in directly without copying or pasting something. I use TH mostly on my phone and it's hard to update my character profiles :< I wish it wouldn't be so wonky to work on an android phone, since I barely have time on an actual computer and I dedicate my time to art/commissions.



Do you have both WYSIWYG and Code Editor off? If you have WYSIWYG off, but code editor is still turned on, then I would recommend you turned that off. I hope this helps.

V np!



I checked and code editor was on! I never knew exactly how it worked so I kept it as it was, but this helps a lot! Thank you so much ❤