[MOBILE] Site Update Issues

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Is mobile your primary method of using TH?

125 Votes Yes - iPhone
143 Votes Yes - Android
4 Votes Yes - Other Phone OS
5 Votes Yes - Table (windows)
39 Votes Yes - iPad
5 Votes Yes - Other (please comment in thread!)
163 Votes No

Hello mobile TH users! In an effort to consolodate mobile issues and make it easier for us to deal with, please submit all your issues to this thread.

Known Issues:

  • Scrolling Issues
  • General WYSIWG problems

Mobile TH is very wonky right now. We're sorry for the trouble and will work hard to fix it.


Are there any iPhone users that are having a hard time with codes lately? Every time i try to make a text code with the link it always does some weird: https://toyhou.se/~messages/view/%E2%80%9Chttps%3A//toyhou.se/2979116.nicholas/gallery%E2%80%9D Like its so weird x.x Anyone know what this might be? (I felt like this was an appropriate place to ask this? If not I can make a new thread, though i didnt want to create clutter)


I really like using Toyhouse on my phone but I can't use character layouts on my phone, it won't let me copy the code and paste it into my character's thing


The "hide tabs" button doesn't work ! It brings me back to unsorted, and the tabs aren't hidden when I click on a folder again! 


disabling wysiwyg makes the code all wonky; i cant paste something into a code already. not sure if this is happening on computer as well or no.


For anyone struggling with the pasting into code issue on mobile woozi GummyDogz SoraDeathEater

Can you try turning off code editor in your settings? https://toyhou.se/~account/display It’s a problem I noticed a while back, and it’s at least a temporary fix for you!


Pasting URLs in WYSIWYG . When opening the link tab in a comment when you press paste the little popup closes same with posting image as well


Wonderland it works! thank you ^^


I can't copy image addresses on mobile. I use android, but that could be the reason



I'm also on Android and I copy image URLs by long pressing the image, then pressing open image in new tab, then copying that URL.

Hope that helps!


I can copy image addresses, but I can't paste them into a profile unless I'm in WYSIWYG, which will break my code. I'm on an iPhone X with the newest version of iOS and Safari.


What I hate is when I go to type something, it bounces me back to the top of the text editor, which is incredibly frustrating when editing a long character bio oof

(I use the mobile site on Android a lot)


I have a problem similar to the above a lot of the time, except for me, it pushes the post field up, so I can't see the sentence I just typed. It also does this when I'm formatting posts on my tablet, if I hit enter, the entire top of the box is shoved upwards and I have to swipe down to see it again. It's not doing it at the moment, though. :/


Oop, as soon as I typed that ellipsis it happened.


Since the site update, I can only rarely use the site emojis successfully on my tablet. I've experienced several different bugs, but mostly now, if I select an emoji, it just locks up the whole page. I can reorient the screen from landscape to portrait mode but that's it. Can't type, can't refresh, can't navigate elsewhere, can't cancel the emoji, can't do anything to get it working again but close it and return to the site in another tab and avoid using the emojis. :/

I just used an emoji successfully when creating a post but when I tried to edit it and add another, this issue occurred again and I almost lost the edit to my post (it must have cached it). Had to abandon the emoji, though.

I don't seem to experience this issue on my laptop.

I'm using Google Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Android 8.0.0. Haven't tried to replicate this in another browser or my Galaxy Tab S2.


Hide tabs doesn’t work properly on mobile. When you click it, it bumps you back to unsorted, and then when you try to select a folder all your tabs are visible again. (ESP frustrating with the new sub gallery addition which makes it really clunky and heavy)


My notifications in the last 12 hours have been showing me that i have new messages and activity but when i go to look it seems to jump back a few hours and have no message and a single old activity picture on there.

It brings the same 1 activity pic back even when things are refreshed, cleared, internet data wiped from my phone.

Im on an android