[MOBILE] Site Update Issues

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago (Edited 2 years, 9 months ago) by admin

Is mobile your primary method of using TH?

183 Votes Yes - iPhone
209 Votes Yes - Android
5 Votes Yes - Other Phone OS
7 Votes Yes - Table (windows)
61 Votes Yes - iPad
7 Votes Yes - Other (please comment in thread!)
210 Votes No

Hello mobile TH users! In an effort to consolodate mobile issues and make it easier for us to deal with, please submit all your issues to this thread.

Known Issues:

  • Scrolling Issues
  • General WYSIWG problems

Mobile TH is very wonky right now. We're sorry for the trouble and will work hard to fix it.


here to add that the ooc/ic issue is super annoying, cant use forums at all


While editing a thread and adding images on Android mobile, after I update it, it horribly stretches them to the point they're unviewable. At first I thought it was a one time thing, but since it has happened consistently I decided to post about it.


When I try to type and I use a word with apostrophes such as he's or they're, I usually type quick so it can autocorrect itself to the correct spelling but it is only on this site where when it tries to fix itself, the keyboard closes itself. I hope this makes sense ;;

Also mobile website (both mobile view and desktop view) doesn'y have the strikethrough option in its textbox, however it is there on an actual desktop. 


I'm having the same issue as the user above me, except the tools only just disappeared sometime today. I was able to use it earlier this morning, I think? But when I went to edit a character's info just now, the text tools were gone (color, font, size, etc.). 

This is only as issue on mobile (which is a huge problem for me since I primarily use the mobile site).



An issue that's quite bothersome for me (and apparently for many others too) is being unable to use the toggles.

Ooc/ic would be pretty nice to use ^^


the main problem i have on my Samsung is that words with an ' (like don't/won't/you'll) either get cut off/vanish as i type them. so i accidentally send a message mid sentence ^-^'

i haven't really been on here long enough to notice other bugs



Actually it was perfectly fine the way it was, wasn't crowded at all. I mostly commented because mine changed very suddenly out of the blue and seemed unsual- also, I had preferred the way I had it before, so I thought I should bring it up. 



Idk if you saw my post back then but have you tried Desktop View on mobile? It gave me more options, including spoiler


I also have trouble switching to ic on mobile 


cant switch to IC on mobile for iphone ! however it seems to work on my gf's samsung. please fix this issue! mobile is a primary system for me!