Suggestion: Characters in multiple folders

Posted 3 months, 25 days ago by Caine

I feel like I'm not the only one who'd like to see this being a thing, so chances are I'm probably not the first one to make this thread - and if not, I apologize! 

Currently I'm not using folders at all because I tend to categorize my characters in multiple different ways, and using only one folder for each character makes things so limiting I rather use my tagging system as a way to navigate through my characters. But as folders are neater looking and most people use them rather than tags, it'd be really neat to be able to have the same character posted in multiple folders! 

I know I'd personally use folders to group characters in stories they are featured in, but as some of them are in multiple stories, more lenient folders would be a big help & help making it easier for others to navigate through my characters! ; v ;/

I wouldn't mind this at all. I organize my characters by what universe they're in, and then put them into subfolders for where they fall in that universe. Being able to attach them to multiple subsets would be useful. n_n

I wholeheartedly agree that this is something that would benefit the site and it's users greatly. I try to use folders, but I kinda stopped as I feel I need multiples to properly organize my OCs =w=; weh, oh well. I'm sure this is something they want to implement soon, as it's a common feature for many websites.

I categorize by species so if several species apply to the same char I have to decided which folder to put them in. I'd really love if we could put them into several folders!

This is direly needed for myself. I have a multitude of characters that have different species forms, and my folders are set up to be for species. It's a huge set back for those specific characters because when one person likes to draw X species and not Y species, while this OC has both X and Y species but was sorted into folder Y, That person would most likely only search folder species X and completely miss that OC. (Example: A human who can shape shift into a dog (or any other animal for that matter)).

I only just realized this trying to start up my toyhouse and tried to figure out what to do about the first Shifting OC. Do I... I'll put them in the Human folder because he likes his human form best? But that's super sad because his True Form is now being neglected. This sucks.

I support this! I currently have my characters sorted based on how much I use them, but I would also love to sort them based on storylines/worlds, and folders are easier to access than tags now (since they're automatically hidden when you go to the character section of the profile)!

I definitely need this!! HHH +1 

something many us us need for sure

Yes please would love this ;u;

I was thinking this too! I am surprised it is not in the to do list yet.

ovob would like this!