Suggestion! Ordering/Sorting Characters!

Posted 3 months, 25 days ago (Edited 3 months, 25 days ago) by alrozsk

I was organising my folders the other day,putting characters in them and all and I realized there isn't really a way to sort/order a character?


I know you can order them by how many favorites they have or how old the characters are,but there isn't really a way to order them how you'd like?

For example I'd want Sun to be at the spot Augustus is in (and so on with other of my characters),though there isn't a way to order/align characters out of the given ways.

I'm suggesting something similar to how characters can be sorted on Artfight ? I've noticed that on the site each character has a number spot (which is only seen by the owner of the character) so people can align them however they wish with using the numbers.

I have tried ordering my characters (as well as seen other people do so) by putting numbers in front of their names but that can often be mistaken as a part of their name? especially when a character's name already consists of numbers?

I don't know if this is a good suggestion or not,it's really just a small thing that doesn't matter much! Let me know what you think!

I agree so much

yes please i'd love some more personal organisation with my kids ,____,


It would be great to see our own sites more organized in the way we like it. That also goes for the shit tons of folders some people have with lot of different topics to organize their characters into (x-x)


Support! I'd love to be able to order my folders and my "view all" so I can put certain high-priority characters first and stop having the characters I don't use much being the first thing people see.