[BUG?] I think I messed up... Help?

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago by Khajitten

So, I've been trying for about an hour to fix my profile. I accidentally put a CSS code into my Profile Content area and when I go to remove it an error saying "The text that you have entered is too big for the database to take. Please try amending it." pops up.


Here's a gif of what's going on..

Tbh I was trying to look at the code and figure out how to do it because it confused me and I think I messed it up. My friend who linked me to Toyhou.se told me that I was probably looking at a css premium code. I'm just so flustered, I though I put it into the notepad I had open and that what was in the normal place was my "Heyo I'm new, a profile will come shortly". But I messed that up.

I hope I didn't like... break the code or something? ;n; That would be my luck.

I see you're using a code from cy. I assume you got them from that one post cy made years ago? Those only work for Toyhou.se Legacy since it was from the times where toyhou.se had a different coding!

CSS is also just for Premium users and is not pasted into the box where you enter your info anyway. EDIT If you want a userprofile I can recommend Wicked. She has some really nice ones for free even! Just look at the "User Templates" section.

like KnightOfSpring said

You're trying to paste CSS into a HTML-only box. 

To use CSS, you need Premium. 

There's more than just Wicked's layouts too, you'll find a lot of people have made layouts in the HTML & CSS forums ♥ ♥ 

To fix your particular issue, perhaps try deleting all that CSS text and entering a random word so there's something else in the text editor ??

CSS is just for those that pay money for premium. HTML coding however, is free so anyone can use it.

For the html, I recommend Jayden, as all of her coding is html only, and the max something from her costs is $6 usd. She also has character profiles and user profiles for free as well!

I don't know how to like ping or if that's a thing but...

KnightOfSpring - Well I honestly didn't know how the code works on here at all. It's different from all the things I've ever seen. (Basic html really) so I was trying to copy it into notepad to look at it. I got the code from the freebie threads and thought that's the code they use ;n; I was wrong XD I sent a ticket and gave them permission to clear it for me. Apparently I need to learn CSS XD I feel so dumb!

Seonbae - Yea, that seems to be the problem. I've never used css really unless it was from a friend who told me how to put it into the forum sites I'm use to. I really need to look into it though so I don't make problems like this again. Also I tried what you suggested to no luck.

Bowtiewashere - Thank you for the suggestion, I really appreciate it a [email protected]

Glad you got things to work again tho. Since Toyhouse changed to bootstrap things are a bit different now(and honestly a bit confusing if you're a n00b like me lol) but in the CSS Subforum is a stickied thread by Starlipop that has some coding snippets and links where you can read a bit more!

KnightOfSpring - Thank you for your help tkoo