[Suggestion] Character Version History

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago by storyteIIer

So.. I'm always a bit paranoid that, somehow, one day I'll accidentally delete all of my character information, or someone will get into my account and delete all of my character information and then save it like that. Once it's saved, all of that information is essentially lost, right? Well, what if there was some sort of 'Character Version History' where we could revert to previous versions of the bio in case it's ever lost? I feel like that could save lives since you would never worry about having to rewrite it all over again, especially for people who have put a lot of work into their characters. Forgive me if this is already a feature or has been suggested, but I feel like this would be really helpful!

Honestly I use Microsoft OneNote to store all my characters' info. It's a free program and it saves on your google account. So even if say my laptop gets stolen or breaks I will still have my stuff. But it would be nice to have that feature here too so I don't have to save the profile codes too. And even have the chracter's pictures saved in one place.

Google Docs, honestly. My profiles here are to show off but that doesn't mean that I don't keep backups elsewhere (same with the images.) Even if we did get a "backup" on site it's honestly better to just have your things saved in more than one location anyways to be safe. Something can ALWAYS happen.